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Technology News on December 27, 2011

Longest Himalayan glacier melting away at rapid pace
Ngozumpa glacier in Nepal is melting away at a rapid pace and retreating at its edges because of global warming. ANI

Now, 'smart' vending machine that scans faces to dispense desserts
Intel and Kraft Foods have rolled out a 'smart' vending machine in US, which analysis buyer's age and gender to tailor the products to the shoppers. ANI

Climate change led to waves of mammal evolution 65m yrs ago in North America
A novel study has identified six distinct, consecutive waves of mammal species diversity, or "evolutionary faunas" in the last 65 million years of natural history in North America. ANI

Coated drugs can contain harmful plasticizing chemicals
A new study has found that the coatings of many common drugs and supplements contain harmful chemicals called phthalates, which are often found in plastics. ANI

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