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Technology News on December 26, 2011

Blood tests no 'magic bullet' for diagnosing allergies
Blood tests and skin-prick testing should not be used as the only diagnostic strategies in allergy, a new study has suggested. ANI

Effective treatments for autoimmune diseases come closer to reality
Effective treatments for autoimmune diseases may soon be possible, thanks to the development of new synthetic molecules that trick the immune system to create natural antibodies. ANI

Soon, hydrogen powered gadgets that could last for weeks
Apple is said to be working on laptops and smartphones powered by hydrogen fuel cells that would last for weeks without needing to be refuelled. ANI

'Mysterious' Namibian 'space ball' turns out to be fuel tank from unmanned rocket
A mysterious metal ball that thudded to a remote grassland in Namibia last month has been identified as a hydrazine tank from an unmanned rocket. ANI

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