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Technology News on December 24, 2011

Reindeer navigate better in snowy landscapes as they can see UV light
Scientists claim that reindeer can see ultraviolet wavelengths, which may help them see contrasts in a mostly white environment, like snowy landscapes. ANI

Doctors claim mood swings from PMS my be easily treatable
Scientists have claimed that women who battle monthly mood swings, irritability and insomnia as a result of PMS could soon find relief as it may be easily treatable. ANI

Early detection may delay Alzheimer's development among patients
A researcher has found a new way to approach early detection of Alzheimer's disease. ANI

Facebook most searched-for word in 2011 in US
The top ten U.S. search terms for 2011 included four variations on Facebook -, Facebook, Facebook login and, a web-monitoring firm has revealed. ANI

Smartphones eating into slim point and shoot camera sales: Study
Increasing number of smartphones, capable of recording videos and taking high quality pictures, are eating into sales of slim point-and-shoot cameras, a new survey has revealed. ANI

New painless cavity drill to hit markets in 2 years
A new painless cavity drill is set to hit dentists' surgeries in the next two years. ANI

Turning off electronic gadgets during flight may not be needed anymore
A new study claims that it is ok to use electronic gadgets on flights. ANI

Fermented Xmas cards could take you back and forth to the moon 20 times
A new study has found that if all of UK's discarded wrapping paper and Christmas cards were collected and fermented, they could make enough biofuel to run a double-decker bus to the moon and back more than 20 times. ANI

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