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Technology News on December 23, 2011

Scientists genetically alter mosquito to fight malaria
Scientists have genetically engineered innate immune system of Anopheles mosquito to block the transmission of malaria-causing parasites to humans. ANI

'Brainy' pigeons are extremely competent in maths
Pigeons have brilliant mathematical competence and have the ability to decipher between different amounts of number-like objects, order pairs, and learn abstract mathematical rules, a new study has revealed. ANI

Gardens of Time named 'most popular game on Facebook' in 2011
Playdom's Gardens of Time has topped the list of Facebook's most popular games in 2011, beating Zynga's Cityville. ANI

Orientation of Earth's axis analysed in 1st ever direct measurement
Scientists have made the first ever direct measurement of the Earth's rotation. ANI

Tricks used by bacteria to fight effect of fluoride uncovered
Scientists have uncovered the molecular tricks used by bacteria to fight the effect of fluoride, which is commonly used in toothpaste and mouthwash to fight against tooth decay. ANI

Sense of touch could be attributed to skin's hair follicles
In a new study, scientists have provided the first picture of how specialised neurons feel light touches, like a brush of movement or a vibration, are organized in hairy skin. ANI

Fossils of amoeba-like organism hint at evolution of animal kingdom
Scientists have found fossils that shed light on the evolutionary origin of animals from single-cell ancestors. ANI

Sixth toe discovered in elephant
Scientists have identified the mysterious growth in the foot of elephant that had baffled researchers for more than 300 years, as a 'sixth toe'. ANI

'Dark matter' theory receives another blow as first faint star detected
The "dark matter" theory has received yet another blow as scientists have detected a very low mass, faint star in a star cluster for the first time. ANI

Hate sprouts? Blame it on your genes
A certain gene is responsible for peoples' distaste towards Brussels sprouts, a quintessential part of Christmas dinner, researchers say. ANI

Soon, 'solar paint' could power your home appliances
Scientists led by one of Indian origin have developed a "solar paint" that could one day replace solar cells and make renewable energy much cheaper. ANI

Listening to music can help alleviate pain
Listening to music can help reduce pain in high-anxiety people, who can easily become absorbed in cognitive activities, a new study has suggested. ANI

HIV treatment discovery named 'Breakthrough of the Year' 2011
The finding that HIV treatment with antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) can actually prevent transmission of the virus from an infected person to his or her uninfected partner has been named "Breakthrough of the Year" for 2011 by a journal. ANI

Babies do not listen to themselves when they speak
A new study has revealed that toddlers do not listen to their own voice when they speak, like adults do. ANI

Soon, even a broken human heart will mend itself
Scientists have found a way for the human heart to repair itself that may pave the way towards new therapeutic approaches for cardiac regeneration and repair. ANI

Motorised shoes to roll out in March 2012
Motorised shoes, that have undergone 30 prototypes over the last five years, are expected to finally roll out in March 2012. ANI

Is Jupiter becoming heartless?
Jupiter's rocky centre is dissolving gradually, new calculations have suggested. ANI

Very early childhood experiences can be recalled years later
Events experienced by children when they were as young as two-year-old, can be recalled years later, a new study has revealed. ANI

Soon, undersea telescope will be second in size to Great Wall of China
A new under sea telescope that will be the second largest structure ever built after the Great Wall of China, is currently under development. ANI

New sub atomic particle can provide vital clues about 'God particle'
Large Hadron Collider has discovered a new sub atomic particle called Chi_b (3P), which can provide vital clues about elusive 'God particle' or Higgs boson. ANI

Webpages getting bigger and bigger in girth by the day
It is not just humans that are steadily growing in girth, even webpages are following the same trend, a new study has found. ANI

Mysterious 'space ball' falls from the sky in Namibia
A mysterious metal ball apparently fell from the sky near a village in the north of Namibia, 480 miles from the capital Windhoek, recently. ANI

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