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Technology News on December 22, 2011

Obama, Paul, Gingrich banking on Facebook for 2012 White House campaign
An internal Facebook analysis has shown three 2012 White House contenders, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama are using the social network effectively by raising money, mobilizing volunteers and winning supporters for their campaigns. ANI

Facebook agrees to tighten privacy, delete unneeded data
Social networking giant Facebook has agreed to tighten its privacy practices and delete unneeded data sooner after an investigation by Irish regulators. ANI

Traditional social networks fueled Twitter's spread
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers who studied the growth of Twitter from 2006 to 2009 say the site's growth in the United States actually relied primarily on media attention and traditional social networks based on geographic proximity and socioeconomic similarity. ANI

Winning fights raises aggression
Winning a fight can increase aggressiveness, a new study on fighting crickets has found. ANI

Staring at smartphones can make you depressed
Staring at 'addictive' smartphones for too long can contribute to stress, depression and insomnia, a new study has revealed. ANI

US court allows users to challenge Facebook for putting them in adverts
Facebook users who are unhappy with their profiles being used in adverts on the site have now been allowed to proceed with a legal case against the social networking giant. ANI

Earth has always had two moons
The Earth has always had a temporary second moon, new study has claimed. ANI

Pak-origin Scots 50pc more prone to heart diseases than Indian immigrants
People of Pakistani origin in Scotland are 50 percent more at risk of suffering from heart diseases and getting admitted to hospitals compared to those of Indian ethnicity, a new study including Indian origin researcher has revealed. ANI

Newly discovered planets may give 'snapshot' of future solar system
Two newly discovered earth-sized planets that survived getting swallowed in the red-giant expansion of their host star, may shed light on the destiny of our own solar system, a new study has revealed. ANI

How pregnancy changes 'mommy brain'
Reproductive hormones may prepare a woman's brain for the demands of motherhood-helping her becomes less worked up by stress and more in tune to her baby's needs, a new study has revealed. ANI

Young stars may be twice as old than previously thought
Some nearby stars are not so young as previously thought and may be more than twice as old, a new study has revealed. ANI

How normal cells trigger tumour growth
Normal cells in tumours can trigger the growth of tumour cells after losing a vital tumour suppressor gene, a new study has revealed. ANI

'Gateway' to brain cells key to habit formation
Key receptors on brain cells that function like 'gateways' are essential to enable habit formation, a new study has revealed. ANI

How dengue infection hits harder second time around
An international team of researchers has for the first time pulled apart the mechanism behind changing dengue virus genetics and dynamics of host immunity. ANI

Larger posterior brain hippocampus linked to better memory
The sizes of the posterior and anterior segments of the hippocampus, an important brain structure associated with recollection memory, could predict individual's ability to remember past events, according to scientists. ANI

Smaller brain size may signal Alzheimer's
People with smaller regions of the brain's cortex may be more likely to develop symptoms consistent with very early Alzheimer's disease, a new study has suggested. ANI

Bacteria in large intestine may be behind obesity
A new study has suggested that bacteria living in people's large intestine may play a role in obesity. ANI

Beethoven's gradual deafness shaped his music
Experts have suggested that composer Ludwig van Beethoven's gradual deafness may have influenced his compositions. ANI

Can vitamin therapy still reduce stroke risk?
Experts have argued that vitamin therapy still has a role to play in reducing stroke. ANI

Hormone replacement therapy ups breast cancer risk
Researchers have found convincing evidence that use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increases risk of breast cancer. ANI

Most distant and brightest galaxy produces '100 suns per year'
Astronomers have discovered that one of the most distant galaxies known is churning out stars at a shockingly high rate. ANI

Potential target to delay 'deadliest' cancer and prolong survival identified
Researchers have found a new way to disrupt the process of pancreatic cancer cells and slow down their mobility. ANI

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