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Technology News on December 21, 2011

Apple's Siri still struggles with British and Southerners accent
Apple iPhone's built-in voice-recognition app Siri, one of the biggest reasons for buying the newest gadget, apparently doesn't work with British accents, many users have complained. ANI

Our addiction to salt starts when we're just 6 months old
Babies as young as six months develop a taste for salty food, researchers say. ANI

How bacteria builds 'invisible' homes inside healthy cells
Scientists have discovered that bacteria are able to build camouflaged homes for themselves inside healthy cells, and cause disease, by manipulating a natural cellular process. ANI

Soon, light to measure cancer cells' response to treatment
Scientists have developed new ways to rapidly measure cancer cells' response to drugs and treatment using light, which could help in improving patient outcomes. ANI

Soon, new tool for rapid detection of brain injury at accident sites
US researchers have created a prototype handheld near-infrared imaging device that can quickly detect traumatic brain injuries. ANI

Anxious people may not be hypersensitive at all
Anxious people, who are considered to be more fearful and threatened than their counterparts, are actually not 'hypersensitive', a new study has revealed. ANI

Video chats more honest compared to texting
People are more likely to lie when they're texting than any other form of communication, a new study has found. ANI

New super vaccine may be 'Achilles heel' in eradicating killer flu
Scientists led by one of Indian-origin have discovered a super vaccine that stops the flu virus mutating into more lethal and drug-resistant strains, saving millions of lives. ANI

Google planning to launch 'wearable computer'?
Google is reportedly developing computer glasses with a "heads up display" that would allow people to use the Internet out in the real world. ANI

Self-healing technique could make electronics last longer and cut waste
A team of engineers has developed a self-healing system that restores electrical conductivity to a cracked circuit in less time than it takes to blink. ANI

Cerebrospinal fluid test can detect Alzheimer's at early stage
Researchers have revealed that analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) can detect whether a person has Alzheimer's disease before symptoms appear. ANI

Columbus first brought syphilis to Europe
Scientists have confirmed that syphilis did not exist in Europe before Christopher Columbus made his historic voyage in 1492. ANI

Surveillance-based methods better estimate global malaria incidence
Experts have suggested surveillance-based methods over population survey data for the estimation of the worldwide incidence of malaria to check the deadly disease. ANI

Frankincense trees could decline by 90pc in next 50 years!
Ecologists have warned that the production of frankincense- used in incense and perfumes across the world and a key part of the Christmas story - could be reduced by half over the next 15 years as trees that produce the fragrant resin are declining dramatically. ANI

Poor detect suffering quicker than rich peers
People in the lower socio-economic classes are more physiologically attuned to suffering, and quicker to express compassion than their more affluent counterparts, a new study has revealed. ANI

Humans still better at playing chess compared to 'clumsy' robots
Regardless of all the software smarts that may be used by computers to outsmart humans in chess, robots are clumsy at manipulating real-world objects and humans are still better off at playing if it taken into the physical world. ANI

Jet-powered motorbike set to crash land-speed-record
A new motorbike that uses jet engine instead of the conventional engine is ready to set a new land-speed-record. ANI

Gene behind breast cancer may also cause heart disease
An Indian origin surgeon has suggested that women who are at risk for breast cancer may also be at greater risk for heart disease. ANI

New candidate vaccine neutralizes all strains of 'deadly' malaria parasite
A team of scientists has developed a new candidate malaria vaccine that has the potential to neutralise all strains of the most deadly species of malaria parasite. ANI

Pair of Earth sized planets found orbiting sun-like star
Scientists have for the first time discovered two Earth-sized planets outside the solar system, orbiting a distant star resembling our sun. ANI

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