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Technology News on December 20, 2011

World's most expensive quad bike goes on sale for œ170k
The world's most expensive quad bike built from a Ferrari engine and BMW handlebars is on the market for a staggering 170,000 pounds. ANI

'Talking dog' most-watched YouTube video of 2011
YouTube has revealed the 10 most watched videos in the UK during 2011, with 'Ultimate Dog Tease' topping the list. ANI

Mind-powered PCs and phones come closer to reality
Technology giant IBM has just unveiled its top five predictions for new technologies to emerge or advance in the next five years, including mind controlled phones and computers. ANI

Babies remember objects out of sight
Babies as young as 6 months of age or younger know that an object still exists even when it is removed from their sight, a new study has revealed. ANI

Present-focused people get more aggressive when drunk
People who lack one particular personality trait - the ability to consider the future consequences of current actions -become more aggressive after heavy drinking, according to a new research. ANI

'Learning' protein turns grasshoppers into swarming pests
A protein associated with learning and memory plays an integral role in changing the behaviour of locusts from that of harmless grasshoppers into swarming pests, a new study has revealed. ANI

Soon, LED bio-bulb to help you get restful sleep
Those struggling to get a restful night's sleep will soon be able to have one, thanks to the new LED bio-bulb which will allow people to see at night without hindering body's natural mechanisms.ost people usually find it difficult to get a restful sleep for several hours after sitting under bright lights post sunset. ANI

Remains of plant-eating dinosaur unearthed in Antarctica
Scientists have for the first time recorded the presence of large bodied herbivorous dinosaurs in Antarctica. ANI

Now, 'bio-battery' that runs on waste paper
London, Dec 20 : Sony has developed a battery that can 'digest' waste paper and turn it into energy. ANI

Now, electric goggles to 'steam' dry eyes
London, Dec 20 : A British eye specialist has pioneered electric goggles that could help people with dry eyes. ANI

Got de-friended on Facebook? It may be something you said
Posting offensive or depressing comments are one of the major reasons for getting rid of a friend on Facebook, a survey has found. ANI

Ultra-compact dwarf galaxies are massive clusters of bright stars
The majority of ultra-compact dwarf galaxies, (UCDs), which are mysterious objects characterized by high stellar population counts, are actually very massive clusters of bright stars, a new study has revealed. ANI

Drought-tolerant crops coming closer to reality
A team of plant cell biologists has discovered a way to help plants survive drought. ANI

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