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Technology News on December 2, 2011

Earth did not always have oxygen since inception
An international team of researchers has found that the appearance of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere probably did not occur as a single event, but as a long series of starts and stops. ANI

Revolutionary anti landmine tech to detect breast cancer within seconds
A revolutionary breast-screening system has been created by scientists in Britain that uses anti-landmine technology to detect cancer in seconds. ANI

'Virtual' palm sized keyboard that can do more than normal ones!
A full-size, laser-projected keyboard has been developed by a Korean company, which could fit in the palm of the hand. ANI

A robot that recognizes its reflection - and likes what it sees!
A new robot called Qbo has been programmed to recognize itself in the mirror. ANI

'Online news reading behaviour shifting to more serendipitous discovery'
More and more number of internet surfers are now experiencing incidental exposure to online news while searching for other information or doing non-news related activities online, such as shopping or visiting social networking sites, a new study has suggested. ANI

Profile picture most viewed section of social networking sites, claims study
A research has revealed that the most viewed section of a social network site is the profile picture. ANI

Buried ice on Mars may be source of water for future astronauts
Huge volumes of ice, buried under the Phlegra Montes mountain range on Mars could be a source of water for future astronauts, researchers say. ANI

Antarctic ice sheet formed by fall in carbon dioxide levels
Studies of molecules from ancient algae found in deep-sea core samples suggest that the Antarctic ice sheet was formed due to a drop in carbon dioxide levels. ANI

Carbon dioxide turned Antarctica into ice 34 million years ago
A new study claims that plunge in CO2 put the freeze on Antarctica, as Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels plunged by 40% before and during the formation of the Antarctic ice sheet 34 million years ago. ANI

Green tea flavonoid helps prevent hepatitis C virus from entering liver
A flavonoid found in green tea inhibits the hepatitis C virus (HVC) from entering the liver, a new study has found. ANI

Red blood cell surface mutation protects against common type of malaria
A mutation on the surface of human red blood cells provides protection against common type of malaria, a new study has found. ANI

9 in 10 people willing to kill one person to save five, study finds
Participants in an experiment preferred to kill one person if it would save the lives of five others. ANI

Wasps as adept as humans in recognizing faces
Paper wasps have been found to recognize faces the same way as the human brain does. ANI

Yahoo, Bing, list their most searched items in 2011
iPhone topped Yahoo's list of top-10 searches for the year, ahead of Casey Anthony and Kim Kardashian, while Bing listed Justin Bieber as the most-searched person on its search engine. ANI

Latest evidence for 'elusive' 'God Particle' may provide strongest hints yet
The search for the elusive 'God Particle' may be nearing its end as scientists are all set to announce the latest evidence about the massive elementary particle, which may provide the strongest hints yet about its existence. ANI

Aussie hacks iPhone's 'Siri' for home automation use
An Australian man, who hacked iPhone's voice recognition application, 'Siri', wants to use it as a home automation tool. ANI

Fongoli chimpanzees exhibit sharing behaviour akin to humans
Fongoli chimpanzees also frequently share food and hunting tools with other chimps just like human beings, a new study has claimed. ANI

World's heaviest insect weighs 3 times more than mouse!
A giant insect, which weighs three times more than a mouse and eats carrots, has been recorded as the heaviest insect in the world. ANI

Mayan Doomsday Prophecy of 2012 apocalypse 'wrongly translated'
A German expert has claimed that the ancient prediction that the world will come to an end in 2012, has been wrongly translated. ANI

Samsung Galaxy Y to be unveiled this week
Samsung's latest venture, Galaxy Y will be unveiled in the local market this week. ANI

Newfound 'red galaxies' may be missing link in galactic evolution
Four red galaxies, uncovered 13 billion light-years away from Earth may be the missing link in the evolution of our galaxy. ANI

Apple says iPhone voice activation is pro-life, but unable to find abortion clinics due to technical glitch
Technology giant Apple has said its iPhone voice activation is 'pro life', and it is unable to locate abortion clinics due to technical malfunctioning. ANI

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