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Technology News on December 15, 2011

Now, simple test to help diagnose deadly cancers
Researchers have developed a simple online calculator that could offer family GPs a powerful new tool to tackle two of the most deadly forms of cancer. ANI

Magnetic stimulation of brain may help stroke patients recover
A new study has found that that magnetic stimulation of nerve cells in the brain may speed up the recovery from hemispatial neglect, the condition that make some person unable to see or recognize anything on the left side of their body after a stroke. ANI

Brain abnormalities behind teens' cannabis use
Australian scientists have for the first time found the brain abnormalities that make teenagers more likely to smoke cannabis. ANI

Now, send personalized voice greetings with new free iPhone App
Chennai based software development company, Impiger Technologies, has a launched a new iPhone app that allows users to send personalized voice greetings. ANI

Crows have advanced learning abilities
New Caledonian crows can learn to use new types of tools, a new study has claimed. ANI

'Supernova of a generation' was actually 'white dwarf' star
The supernova that exploded in August-dubbed the supernova of a generation-was a "white dwarf" star, an international team of scientists has revealed. ANI

Coming soon: jeans that clean themselves in sunlight!
Wouldn't it be surreal if your jeans, sweats or socks clean and de-odorise themselves when hung on a clothesline in the sun or draped on a balcony railing. ANI

Early man lost his fur to stay cool while running around on 2 feet
Early man shed his hair gradually to cope with the heat of active, foraging lifestyle, a new study has suggested. ANI

6 media megatrends of the future identified
The coming years will bring increased personalization, innovation and flexibility in the media landscape, a new report has claimed. ANI

Google prepping iPhone Siri rival 'Majel'
Google is reportedly planning to expand its existing voice-recognition assistant for Android that will allow users to perform actions in their natural language similar to how Apple iPhone's Siri functions. ANI

Hairy limbs better at fending off bed bugs
Hairier skin may be the key to avoid being bitten by bed bugs, a new study has claimed. ANI

Coming soon: world's first 'green' tires
Partnerships between tire companies and biotechnology firms have led to the development world's first 'green' tires made from sugar. ANI

Ability to love begins from earliest infancy
A new study has revealed that the ability to trust, love, and resolve conflict with loved ones starts in childhood-way earlier than we may think. ANI

Brain's failure to appreciate others behind atrocities, torture and genocide
A failure in the part of the brain that's critical for social interaction may lead a person to become callous enough to commit human atrocities, a new study has suggested. ANI

New 'glow' detectors easily identify toxins, pathogens or explosives
Researchers at MIT have developed new detectors that could provide easy visual identification of specific chemicals - whether toxins, disease markers, pathogens or explosives. ANI

Now, X-Ray app that allows users to undress catalogue models!
A clothing retailer has unveiled a new application that offers viewers a peep into what's underneath the clothes of catalogue models. ANI

Debate over caffeine's ability to enhance exercise performance continues
Experts have once again come together to debate whether caffeine, which is regarded by some as being a potent stimulant, enhances exercise performance. ANI

Killer clawed dinosaurs yield new theory about flight in birds
In a new study, scientists have described how dinosaurs like Velocriaptor and Deinonychus used their famous killer claws, which leads to new hypothesis on the evolution of flight in birds. ANI

New Alzheimer's drug may help prevent disease progression
A new drug candidate that may be the first capable of halting the devastating mental decline of Alzheimer's disease has been developed by scientists. ANI

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