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Technology News on December 12, 2011

Kazaa creator sues Internet giants in 'multi million dollar' patent infringement case
A US- based entrepreneur and a creator of file -sharing application Kazaa, Kevin Bermeister has sued several Internet giants including Google and YouTube for infringing their eight patents in their cloud computing products. ANI

New 'high beam' headlight promises to reduce road accidents
Toyota has announced developing of a new headlight technology that can point high beam at the road ahead without blinding oncoming traffic. ANI

Google marks Robert Noyce's birthday with new doodle
Robert Noyce, inventor of the integrated chip and the co-founder of Intel, was honoured with a Google Doodle on his 84th birthday. ANI

Millions of kids skirting Facebook age-limit rules to sign up with parents' help: Survey
Millions of children are creating Facebook profiles against the social network's guidelines that restrict anyone under 13 from signing up, often with their parents' help, a study has revealed. ANI

TV-style tests train students for real-life tasks
An Indian born scholar has revealed that TV-style contests inspired by programmes such as 'The Apprentice' are being used to help university students prepare for real-life work situations. ANI

Otzi the iceman's stomach was full when he died
Otzi the iceman, a man who lived 5300 years ago, died less than an hour after his last meals, a new study has revealed. ANI

Traditional ways of life killed off by modern technology
Traditional means like posting letters, using a printed map, recording an episode of your favourite TV show on a video recorder are all now the things of the past, thanks to the growing inclination towards digitalised technology and the internet that is changing one's conventional ways of life, a new study has revealed. ANI

iPad 3 with retina display 'coming in February 2012'?
Apple is reportedly planning to launch a next-generation iPad, called an iPad 3, as early as February 2012. ANI

Tiny silica chip brings programmable quantum computers closer to reality
A multi-purpose tiny silica chip will soon serve as the building blocks of programmable quantum computers of the future, a new study has revealed. ANI

New brain-controlled computer trains people to stay alert
A small company in North Carolina has created a brain-controlled tool similar to electroencephalograms (EEGs) for training people to stay alert when involved in important tasks. ANI

Novel gene therapy cuts painful bleeding of inherited blood disorder
Scientists involving one of an Indian origin have found that a single treatment with a newly developed gene therapy significantly improved symptoms of bleeding disorder hemophilia B in adults. ANI

Now, world's smallest steam engine that actually works!
Researchers have developed the world's smallest steam engine that works as well as its larger counterpart. ANI

Mars' subsurface may be habitable
Extensive areas of the subsurface of Mars may contain water at comfortable temperatures for microbes, a new study has claimed. ANI

New insight into pancreatic development offers new hope to diabetics
A rare genetic disorder has given scientists an insight into how pancreas develop and how it may be possible to "programme" stem cells to become pancreatic cells. ANI

Scar findings may pave way for new treatments of fibrotic diseases
Scientists have identified the molecular pathway through which physical force contributes to scarring. ANI

Technology overload not eating into our sleep
Scientists have debunked the popular belief that technology overload from computers and mobile phones is eating into our sleep. ANI

Soon, roll-up TV screen that can be carried in your pocket!
A new technology developed by British scientists has brought the dream of television screens that can be rolled up and carried in a pocket closer to reality. ANI

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