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Technology News on December 11, 2011

Playful texting icons 'emojis' are all the rage among smartphone users
More elaborate cousins of emoticons, 'emojis', are becoming more and more popular among smartphone users. ANI

UV emission of hydrogen detected in Milky Way for the first time
Astronomers have detected ultraviolet (UV) emissions of neutral hydrogen in Earth's own galaxy for the first time, giving a cue about the rate at which Milky Way is making stars. ANI

Long-distance ailing NASA satellites to undergo 'surgery'
Medical robotics experts have now undertaken a project to fix NASA's valuable satellites that are breaking down or running out of fuel. ANI

Now, special lenses to offer relief to spectacle wearers from fogging
A new lens coating developed by experts looks to end the misery of spectacle wearers who are left struggling to see as moisture from their breath condenses on their glasses. ANI

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