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Technology News on December 1, 2011

How petrol-eating mushrooms can decontaminate our planet
By using bacteria to stimulate the exceptional growth capacity of certain plants and microscopic mushrooms, scientists believe will be able to create decontamination units that will successfully attack the most contaminated sites on the planet. ANI

Vaccine targeting latent TB enters 1st phase of clinical testing
Statens Serum Institut and Aeras have announced the initiation of the first Phase I clinical trial of a new candidate TB vaccine designed to protect people latently infected with TB from developing active TB disease. ANI

People losing touch with 'realties of natural world': Attenborough
Television wildlife presenter David Attenborough has warned that people are putting Earth at risk by losing touch with the "realties of the natural world." ANI

How animals predict impending earthquake
Chemical changes in groundwater that occur when an earthquake is about to strike could be the cause behind the bizarre behaviour of animals during such calamities, a new study has suggested. ANI

'Massive' newborn stars to stir up galaxy
Cluster of super massive stars, which are yet to be observed in our galaxy, may provide clue about how energy is transmitted in such extreme environments, a new study has suggested. ANI

Now, Google Maps for Android phones to take you inside malls, airports
Search giant Google has launched the latest version of its map service that would help people to navigate inside places like shopping centres and airports. ANI

'Odorous frogs' are reservoir of antibiotic substances
'Odorous frogs' are a rich source of greatest known variety of anti-bacterial substances, which may provide new weapons in the fight against antibiotic-resistant infections, a new study has revealed. ANI

Violent video games disrupt brain functioning in young men
Washington, Dec 1 : Playing violent video games can adversely affect brain functioning in young men, a new study has suggested. Washington, Dec 1 : Playing violent video games can adversely affect brain functioning in young men, a new study has suggested. ANI

NASA's Swift discovers peculiar cosmic explosion with dual personality
A peculiar cosmic explosion, which was first detected by NASA's Swift observatory on Christmas Day 2010, was caused either by a novel type of supernova billions of light-years away or an unusual collision within our own galaxy. ANI

Inter galaxy survey discovers star moments before it goes supernova
An otherwise nondescript binary star system in the Whirlpool Galaxy has brought astronomers tantalizingly close to their goal of observing a star just when it is about to meet its end. ANI

Oldest minerals help make key discovery about early Earth's atmosphere
In a new study funded by NASA, scientists have used the oldest minerals on Earth to reconstruct the atmospheric conditions present on Earth very soon after its birth. ANI

'Secret' software logging Smartphone users' keystrokes, SMS revealed
An Android app developer has revealed a 'pre-installed software', that secretly tracks activities of Android and Blackberry users. ANI

Android based Smartphones with additional features more vulnerable to hack attacks: Study
Some Smartphones models that have been specifically designed to support Google's Android mobile platform have incorporated additional features that can be used by hackers to bypass the operating system's security features, making them more vulnerable to attack, a study has revealed. ANI

Artificial leaf could open new era of 'fast food energy'
Technology employed for creating an 'artificial leaf' could soon be used for generating 'fast food energy', debuting an era where people will be able to produce their own electricity at home using low cost equipments. ANI

'Breadcrumbs trail' may re-write 'out of Africa' theory
Trail of 'stone breadcrumbs' found in Oman indicates that humans left Africa 30,000 years earlier than previously thought, researchers say. ANI

New antibodies give 100pc protection to mice against HIV infection
Scientists have developed a way of delivering broadly neutralizing antibodies in mice, and in doing so, have effectively protected them from HIV infection. ANI

UK agency to tackle cyber threats through code-cracking contest
The UK intelligence agency, Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ), has launched a new code cracking competition to attract British talent. ANI

Earth flips its polarity after every 200,000 to 300,000 years
Magnetic pole reversal is a common phenomenon, which occurs on Earth, gradually over the millennia. ANI

Facebook appoints privacy tsars after admitting company made 'high-profile mistakes'
Facebook has created two new corporate privacy officer jobs soon after a US regulator forced the social networking giant to overhaul its privacy policy. ANI

Simple blood test detects Parkinson's disease long before symptoms
Scientists have developed a simple blood test to detect Parkinson's disease at its earliest stages. ANI

Removing protein may restore earliest sign of Alzheimer's
Loss of smell, which is one of the earliest impairments caused by Alzheimer's disease, can be restored by removing a plaque-forming protein in a mouse model of the disease, a new study has suggested. ANI

Swearing can help you ease pain of injury
Scientists from Keele University have found that swearing after hurting yourself can help numb the pain of an injury. hey discovered that letting forth a volley of foul language could have a powerful painkilling effect, especially for people who do not normally use expletives, reports the Telegraph. ANI

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