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Boeing's 'most innovative' plastic jumbo jet wows all on maiden flight

October 27, 2011 - London

Boeing has wowed the world when its new 264-seat aircraft 787 Dreamliner aircraft took off on its maiden flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong comforting its passengers with a series of groundbreaking innovations.

The aircraft was hailed as the most revolutionary step in air passenger travel since Concorde, the Daily Mail reported.

Made of plastic, the aircraft is lighter and more fuel-efficient than other planes.

But its major advance is on the inside, where it offers new levels of passenger comfort with the bigger windows, the wider seats and aisles.

The cabin hosts specially modified levels of air pressure and humidity to help avoid the headaches and nausea that can accompany a long-haul flight.

The 787 also boasts 60 per cent lower noise levels and comes with anti-turbulence systems and even an advanced air-filtration system to eliminate unwanted odours.

One of the most notable differences is the eight-foot vaulted ceiling.

The 17ft-wide cabins are supposed to give a more spacious environment than similar-sized planes, but look just the same as other aircraft.

"Everything from the shape and size of the wings to the design of the nacelle [the casing around the engine] make the plane more aerodynamic and reduce drag," said Scott Fancher, general manager of the 787 project.


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