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Bio-based acrylic acid could 'green up' hundreds of everyday products

April 27, 2011 - Washington

Researchers have developed a new way to develop greener and more environmentally friendly acrylic acid - a key industrial material that's usually produced from pricey and increasingly scarce petroleum.

The global demand for acrylic acid, which is used to make everything from paint to diapers, totals about four million tons annually.

The American Chemical Society (ACS) has showcased the discovery in a new episode in its award-winning "Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions" podcast series.

The process involves development of a new catalyst that permits production of acrylic acid without using petroleum.

The scientists' potential solution is a new catalyst that can convert lactic acid into acrylic acid more efficiently," said Weijie Ji, from the Nanjing University in China.

The research appeared in the American Chemical Society's journal, ACS Catalysis.


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