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Technology News on August 7, 2011

Study shows decline in religious words in university students
A Mississippi State classics professor has found a declining trend of religious words when he surveyed the ugliest and most beautiful words used by university students. ANI

Aggressive tree-killing fungi behind mass extinction of forests 250mn-yrs-ago
A new study has revealed that the mass extinction of the world's forests some 250 million years ago was likely accelerated by an aggressive tree-killing fungi triggered by global climate change. ANI

Soon, math to help predict growth of cancer
Scientists have developed a mathematical model to predict the progress of a tumour, that could help design personalized treatment strategies for patients who have cancer. ANI

Texas town recycling urine due to drought
A town in Texas that is facing a massive drought is set to recycle urine into drinking water. ANI

Now, drug targets to block nutrients essential for parasites' survival
University of Melbourne researchers have developed unique drug targets against Leishmania, whose complex life cycle and ability to infect many animals and humans makes treatment very difficult and limits the effectiveness of a vaccine. ANI

Graphene circuits to make computers faster, more energy-efficient
Scientists have made a fundamental discovery that could make it easier for engineers to build electronic circuits out of the nanomaterial, graphene. ANI

Here's how we can reduce carbon emissions by 2100
The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be reduced to less than 40 percent, if people use every available means of reducing emissions, according to a new study. ANI

Soon, veggies to tempt your taste buds
Psychologists are trying to improve our experiences of eating healthy foods by working out ways on how growers can breed them to taste better. ANI

More than half of European men 'related to Egyptian King Tut'
More than half of Western European men are related to Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen, according to a new study. ANI

Words people use reveals everything about their personality
Our usage of words in oral and written language can reveal a lot about our relationships, honesty, and status, according to a new research. ANI

Good nutrition can boost kid's academic performance
An expert has indicated that nutrition can play a huge role in academic success of children. ANI

New device enables 'seeing' with ears instead of eyes
The American Psychological Association has demonstrated a device that enables "seeing" with one's ears rather than eyes, at the organization's 119th Annual Convention this week. ANI

Cyberstalking causes higher stress, trauma than face-to-face harassment
Results from a new study has found that people who are cyberstalked or harassed online experience higher levels of stress and trauma than people who are stalked or harassed in person. ANI

Now, a 'sausage skin' to tackle most common form of diabetes!
Scientists have developed a sleeve implant that looks like a "giant sausage skin" to beat diabetes. ANI

Jobless people more likely to have poorer parenting skills
Kids with jobless parents are more likely to have difficulty mastering certain developmental tasks and academic subjects, a study on life in Australian families has suggested. ANI

Now, a tool that can predict how much time is left on woman's biological clock
Scientists have discovered a new method that can help women know if their biological clock is ticking, and find out whether they are likely to have an earlier menopause and should not delay trying to conceive, or whether their fertile life will end later. ANI

Brit prison staff getting stoned on cannabis fumes from prisoners' cells
Officers of British jails have sent a complaint to the Government's health and safety watchdog that their staff is getting stoned on cannabis fumes released from the cells of inmates. ANI

Parents need to talk, listen to their kids to reduce social networking's bad effects
Parents, who are thinking of ways to secretly monitor their child's social networking, are wasting their time, a new study has suggested. ANI

Protein sheds light on why some people are sensitive to bitter tastes
A new study has thrown up interesting insights on why some people are especially sensitive to bitter tastes. ANI

How parents' birthplace may determine kid's height
A new study has suggested that the height of a child may be determined, in part, by knowing how far apart the mom and dad were born. ANI

Even Nobel Prize-winning ideas take a long time to get accepted, finds study
The path of success for Nobel Prize laureates in the sciences isn't a straight shot from obscurity to never-ending scientific superstardom, a new study has revealed. ANI

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