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Technology News on August 6, 2011

Don Quijote mission aims to knock asteroid off course
Scientists are planning to fire an impactor into the side of a small asteroid to test how far it can be knocked off course. ANI

Now, suitcase-sized device to detect anthrax
Researchers at Cornell University have developed a suitcase-sized device to detect anthrax, which normally requires a full-sized lab and take days to detect. ANI

'Money can't insure well being'
A new study has found that money is not everything for well-being. ANI

Believers in benevolent God worry less, better cope with life's uncertainties
People who believe in a benevolent God tend to worry less and be more tolerant of life's uncertainties than those who believe in an indifferent or punishing God, according to researchers at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital. ANI

Vegetables lose vitamin C during cold soup preparation
Dishes like gazpacho - a cold Spanish soup containing raw vegetables, bread, olive oil and vinegar - lose ingredients' vitamin C content as well as other organic acids during preparation, according to a new study. ANI

Diet and genetics influence shape of human jawbones
Scientists at Johns Hopkins have found that functions and not just genetics influence the structure of jawbones in human populations. ANI

'Man-made fat can prevent extensive damage to heart following an attack'
A study has indicated that a man-made fat called Intralipid, which is currently used as a component of intravenous nutrition and to treat rare overdoses of local anesthetics, may also offer protection for patients suffering from heart attacks. ANI

Smartphones helping shoppers negotiate a better deal
Smartphones have become the latest weapon for shoppers to carry out price checks in store to help them negotiate a better deal. ANI

Keeping healthy foods at eye level can help you win battle of bulge
Want to know an easy and effective way to shed that extra pounds? Well, keep healthy foods at eye level in your fridge. ANI

Wearing compression stockings may help you stop snoring during sleep
Researchers have claimed that wearing compression stockings might help people suffering from a common sleep disorder. ANI

Now, a $1 credit card-sized chip that can accurately detect HIV within 15 min
Now, forget anxiously waiting for days to know whether you are HIV infected or not, as the researchers at the University of Columbia in New York have developed a new plastic chip that can detect STDs with just one pinprick of blood within 15 minutes and will cost only one dollar. ANI

Coming soon: the breast cancer gel that shrinks tumours sans side effects
In a breakthrough that could revolutionise the treatment of cancer, a new gel treatment for breast cancer is being developed and tested in the U.S to shrink tumours. ANI

Penn State researchers developing microwaves to roast malaria parasites
A team at the Penn State Materials Research Institute, including an Indian-origin scientist, are developing a process to destroy malaria parasites in the blood using low-power microwaves. ANI

How oceans impact climate change
A USC researcher has given insight into how the ocean impacts climate change. ANI

Facebook and Rembrandt have many things in common
The author of 'Friending the Virgin: some thoughts on the pre-history of Facebook' has said that social networking sites like Facebook and artists like Rembrandt have many things in common. ANI

Climate change had a hand in human evolution, finds study
It is feared that climate change would destroy our species but fossil records have shown that rapid fluctuations in temperature that characterised the global climate between 2 and 3 million years ago coincided with a golden age in human evolution. ANI

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