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Technology News on August 31, 2011

Why we favour items located in the middle
The middle is indeed the favourite when it comes to everyday choices ranging from what to wear or where to eat, a new study has shown. ANI

Now, a palm-held portable microscope for better healthcare access
Researchers have built a compact, light-weight, dual-mode microscope that uses holograms instead of lenses, which they say is ideal for use specially in the remote areas of the world. ANI

Today's plague pathogen was also the cause of 'Black Death' 600 yrs ago
A team of German and Canadian scientists has shown that today's plague pathogen was also responsible for the Black Death, the most deadly outbreak of disease ever that claimed the lives of one-third of Europeans in just five years from 1348 to 1353. ANI

Bulgarian archaeologist claims he found the ancient 'Temple of Dionysus'
A Bulgarian archaeologist has presented new finds from the Ancient Thracian and medieval fortress of Perperikon proving the existence of an Antiquity period sanctuary that he believes could be the ancient Temple of Dionysus. ANI

Minor hearing loss may accelerate gray matter atrophy in the brain
A new research has revealed that decline in hearing ability may accelerate gray matter atrophy in auditory areas of the brain thereby increasing the listening effort necessary for older people to successfully comprehend speech. ANI

Lack of sleep 'can hurt college students' classroom performance'
College students could be undermining their own education, simply because they're not practicing proper sleep habits, according to University of Cincinnati research. ANI

he bizarre fish that evolved for oceans, but lives on land
A new study has found that one of the world's strangest animals - a unique fish that lives on land and can leap large distances despite having no legs - has a rich and complex social life. ANI

Gut instincts do invariably turn out right
Your gut feeling will invariably turn out right when setting goals, because your unconscious mind is smarter than you think, according to a new study. ANI

Iconic cave site reveals Neanderthals' remarkable survival story
Neanderthals survived a number of Ice Ages and became extinct only about 30,000 years ago, new investigations at an iconic cave site on the Channel Island of Jersey have revealed. ANI

NASA's Juno spacecraft captures spectacular Earth-Moon in tandem image
NASA's Juno spacecraft has captured its first image - a beautiful portrait of the Earth and Moon - on its way to the biggest planet in the solar system - Jupiter. ANI

Facebook ends its 'Deals' service after four month test in US
Facebook has announced that it will end its daily 'Deals' service, which it began testing four months ago in the US. ANI

Vitamin C may improve respiratory rate of kids with asthma
Depending on the age of asthmatic children, their exposure to molds or dampness in their bedroom, and the severity of their asthma, vitamin C has greater or smaller beneficial effects, according to a new study. ANI

Scientists create radio Atlas of the Milky Way
After almost ten years of work, researchers have drawn up a new radio atlas of the Milky Way. ANI

Why we lose our energy with age
The availability of an enzyme, known as the Lon protease, that protects cells from oxidative damage, declines as the body ages, a new study has found. ANI

Inexpensive alloy that can produce hydrogen from sunlight developed
Scientists, including three of Indian-origin, have derived a means to "tweak" an inexpensive semiconductor material to generate hydrogen from water by using sunlight - a finding that could revolutionize the energy sector. ANI

Airline pilots' 'automation addiction' making them forget how to fly
Airline pilots are "forgetting how to fly" due to becoming excessively reliant on cockpit computers, aviation experts have warned. ANI

Now, iPads are being used to treat patients with spinal cord injuries
iPads are now being used to treat disabled patients who suffer from spinal cord injuries and other disabilities. ANI

Mobile phone data 'can help trace population movements during disasters'
A study has suggested that mobile phone positioning data can be used to monitor population movements during disasters and outbreaks. ANI

Men twice as likely as women to use mutilating methods to commit suicide
A study has revealed that men are nearly twice as likely as women to use methods that mutilate the face or head when committing suicide. ANI

Kids of older dads face greater risk of autism
It is well known that a woman's chances of giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome increase with age. However, a new study has suggested that men should also consider their biological clocks when planning a family. ANI

China's second lunar probe reaches deep space
China's second lunar probe, Chang'e-2, has reached an orbit 1.5 million km from the Earth for an extra mission of deep exploration. ANI

Thought-controlled robot avatars to help disabled people
Researchers have developed robots that can be controlled by the user's thoughts and will be provide help for disabled people in future. ANI

Feeling less secure on Facebook? Unfriend your least discreet friends
Are you worried that your friend will reshare all your Facebook private details to the world? Well, then dump the least discreet members of your social network and feel secure. ANI

Faulty signalling in brain's reward system leads to addiction disorders
Scientists have found that faulty signalling in the brain's reward system causes addiction disorders, which are a major social problem. ANI

Latest mobile technology is 'of little or no interest' to older generation
A study has found that the advanced functions of the latest mobile phones fail to make an impression on people who are over their 60s. ANI

Scientists develop robust, efficient way of using hydrogen as fuel source
A team of USC scientists has developed a robust, efficient method of using hydrogen as a fuel source. ANI

Time with family, friends makes you happier than by partying
A study has found that happy people who are less outgoing, relied less on partying and drinking to be happy and more on connections with family and friends or cognitive strategies, such as positive thinking. ANI

New study pinpoints bits of brain exclusively reserved for language
A finding from MIT has marked a major advance in the search for brain regions specialized for sophisticated mental functions. ANI

New high-tech tools will finally reveal centuries-old questions about life on Mars
Scientists are confident that new life-detection tools up to 1,000 times more sensitive than previous instruments will certainly help find evidence of life on Mars, which has captured human imagination for centuries. ANI

Highly improved graphene devices could lead to super-fast Internet
A team of scientists from the Universities of Manchester and Cambridge has discovered a crucial recipe for improving characteristics of graphene devices for use as photodetectors in future high-speed optical communications. ANI

Genetic variation that protects against Parkinson's disease identified
An international team of researchers led by neuroscientists at Mayo Clinic in Florida has said that they have discovered a genetic variation that protects against Parkinson's disease. ANI

Forged security certificate allows hackers to target Google users' conversations
Security researchers have reportedly found a forged Internet security certificate that allows hackers to spy on Google users' private emails and communications. ANI

Our unconscious mind can help us achieve long-term goals
Our unconscious mind can be a great motivator when it comes to pursuing our goals, according to a new University of Alberta study. ANI

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