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Technology News on August 29, 2011

New evidence hints at ice-age mariners in ancient Greece
Mariners may have travelled the Aegean Sea in Greece even before the end of the last ice age to extract coveted volcanic rocks for tools and weapons, according to new evidence. ANI

Leucine can help climbers burn fat while keeping muscle tissue intact
An amino acid called leucine - found in foods, dietary supplements, energy bars and other products - may help people burn fat during periods of food restriction, such as climbing at high altitudes, while keeping their muscle tissue intact, researchers have found. ANI

Genetic link to aggressive cancers identified
Scientists have made a breakthrough discovery that is offering hope for millions of people at risk of developing two forms of aggressive cancer: mesothelioma and melanoma of the eye. ANI

Sutureless method for joining blood vessels developed
Severe blood vessels have always been reconnected with the help of sutures, but now a team of researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine has developed a sutureless method that appears to be a faster, safer and easier alternative. ANI

Astronauts to grow own food in Mars mission's 'kitchen garden'
Astronauts travelling to Mars are mulling growing their own food in a "kitchen garden" in space and should also need adequate chef skills, according to a NASA scientist. ANI

Genome sequencing of crop plants could boost global food security
Sequencing the genome of a Chinese cabbage variety of a plant called Brassica rapa, a close relative of oilseed rape, could help improve the efficiency of crop breeding and ensure our future food security, BBSRC-funded scientists say. ANI

Suitcase-sized 'space nuclear power plant' to 'light up' homes on Mars
The first nuclear power plant for the production of electricity for manned or unmanned bases on the Moon, Mars and other planets "may really look like it came from outer space" once the concept is brought to fruition, a US scientist says. ANI

Now, hear sound effects and songs while reading classics on eBooks
E-books are now being given background noises and music in the hope to spark young people's interest in literature. ANI

Early exposure to languages could predict infants' word learning ability
Infants have a remarkable prowess at learning a second language, but that ability begins to fade as early as their first birthdays, according to a new study. ANI

Scientists crack riddle of why people overeat
Scientists have unlocked the key to why people overeat, which could hold vital clues for combating the scourge of obesity. ANI

Inattention bigger trigger of educational failure in kids than hyperactivity
Inattention, rather than hyperactivity, is the most important indicator when it comes to finishing a high school education, according to a new research from the University of Montreal. ANI

'Friend-turned-foe' nitrogen pollution harming environment and human health
A scientist has revealed that nitrogen pollution from fertilizers and other sources has become a major environmental problem that threatens human health and welfare in multiple ways. ANI

6 new genes that trigger type-2 diabetes in South Asians identified
A new study led by an Indian-origin researcher has identified six new genes that are responsible for the early onset of type-2 diabetes in South Asians (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh). ANI

New anticoagulant pill cuts stroke deaths by 11 pc
A new anticoagulant drug has shown promise to reduce death rates due to strokes. ANI

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