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Technology News on August 28, 2011

For best results, breast reduction surgery should be performed after weight loss
For very obese women considering both bariatric procedures and breast reduction surgery, optimal results are achieved when weight loss is achieved first, according to a new study. ANI

LHC results cast doubt on supersymmetry theory
Results from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have disappointed theorists on the lookout for Higgs boson or the so-called "God Particle" and has them rethinking that the basic idea of supersymmetry might be wrong. ANI

'Adult ratings' for smoking in films would hardly help, say experts
Giving adult ratings to movies that feature tobacco use is unlikely to have a measurable effect on youth smoking outcomes, two prominent tobacco researchers have claimed. ANI

Tons of silver and gold coins recovered from shipwreck
Odyssey Marine Exploration has recovered over 500,000 silver coins weighing more than 17 tons, hundreds of gold coins, worked gold, and other artefacts from a Colonial period shipwreck site code-named "Black Swan" in an undisclosed location in the Atlantic Ocean. ANI

Here's an 'equation' to prevent tyre wear
A team of researchers from the School of Automobile Studies at Tongji University, China, have developed a new equation that predicts the rate at which tyres wear. ANI

New model to map light may revolutionize telecommunications
Physicists with the Institute of Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers (IUSL) at The City College of New York have presented a new way to map spiralling light that could help harness untapped data channels in optical fibres. ANI

Florida conference offers new treatments to stay younger
The 19th Annual World Congress on Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine in Orlando, Florida, has introduced some remarkable treatments, which could herald a new era in anti-ageing technology. ANI

'Syrian pride' stopping Steve Jobs' biological dad from calling his son
Steve Jobs' biological father is desperate to meet his son, but will not call him because his Syrian pride does not want the Apple founder to ever think he is after his fortune. ANI

Sex disorder linked to absence of 'back door' hormone-production pathway
Scientists in Switzerland have found that a sexual developmental disorder in baby boys may be due to the absence of a hormone-production pathway identified in wallabies. ANI

Plants used for illegal abortions in Tanzania can stop postpartum bleedings
Danish researchers have found that a number of plants, which are used for illegal abortions in Tanzania, can make the uterus tissue contract and therefore stop lethal bleedings after birth. ANI

Now, a scanner that can detect breast cancer without using radiation
Israeli scientists have developed a scanner that can detect breast cancer more effectively than traditional X-ray mammograms without using radiation. ANI

'Internet not to be blamed for London riots': Google chief
Google's head Eric Schmidt has said that the Internet should not be blamed for the recent riots that took place across London, and it would be 'a mistake' for governments to try to interfere with the internet in the wake of the riots. ANI

Soon, a 'magic mirror' to let you try outfits without getting undressed!
The things we all hate about shopping are the queues for the change-rooms, and having to juggle between hangers, clothes and bags, once inside. ANI

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