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Technology News on August 27, 2011

Immune cells can be helpful as well as harmful in fighting infection, finds study
Immune cells that bacteria have exploited can be both helpful and harmful in fighting infection, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. ANI

One third of flora, fauna can become extinct due to global warming
Researchers have warned that a third of all flora and fauna will become extinct if global warming continues unchecked. ANI

Kids with congenital heart disease at high risk from harmful toxins in blood
A research by a team at Imperial College London has indicated that babies and toddlers with congenital heart disease are at an increased risk of having harmful toxins in their blood. ANI

'Medications study in most influential medical journals can be misleading'
A new research has suggested that studies about medications published in the most influential medical journals are frequently designed in a way that yields misleading or confusing results. ANI

New imaging device helps scientists see tumour cells travelling in brain
New imaging device has enabled scientists, for the first time, to see tumour cells travelling in the brain. ANI

Scientists resolve 40-year-old Mariner 5 solar wind problem
Scientists led by astrophysicists at the University of Warwick have resolved a 40-year-old problem with observations of turbulence in the solar wind first made by the probe Mariner Five. ANI

'Cyborg' filmmaker turns his prosthetic eye into video camera
A Canadian documentary filmmaker, who lost his eye in a childhood shooting accident, has turned his prosthetic eye into a miniature video camera. ANI

iPod god Steve Jobs didn't own up to love child, terrified staff with temper
Steve Jobs, founder and visionary of Apple, might be an enthusiastic tech genius but his personal life shows the darker side of his character. ANI

Online defamation cases double in England, Wales: Experts
Online defamation cases in England and Wales have doubled this year, according to legal experts. ANI

Learning from mistakes benefits older brains, finds study
Don't feel sorry about making mistakes, as a new study has indicated that to err and learn from them is good for older brains. ANI

NASA's Cassini makes second closest encounter with moon Hyperion
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured raw images of Hyperion on August 25, when the space craft flew past Saturn's oddly shaped moon at a distance of about 15,500 miles (25,000 kilometres), making this the second closest encounter. ANI

Low cost Gene-Z device to detect cancer in poorer countries
Michigan State University researchers are developing a low-cost, hand-held device that can help detect cancer in poorer countries. ANI

Coronary heart disease transferred via genes, not family lifestyle
A new study from the Centre for Primary Health Care Research in Sweden has revealed that the risk of coronary heart disease is transferred through the genes and not through an unhealthy lifestyle in the family. ANI

UK's atomic clock is 'world's most accurate long-term timekeeper'
A caesium fountain clock that keeps the United Kingdom's atomic time is now the most accurate long-term timekeeper in the world. ANI

Facebook upgrades photos with larger sizes, makes them load twice as fast
Social networking giant Facebook is to increase the resolution of photos that people post to its website and will load them twice as fast as before. ANI

Ancient Egyptians 'styled their hair with fat-based gel'
Ancient Egyptians styled their hair with a fat-based "gel" to make sure that they look good both in life and death, a new study has found. ANI

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