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Technology News on August 25, 2011

Scented laundry products emit hazardous chemicals through dryer vents
A University of Washington researcher has found that air vented from machines using the top-selling scented liquid detergent and scented dryer sheet contains hazardous chemicals, including two that are classified as carcinogens. ANI

Wheezy toddlers allergic to house dust mites likelier to develop asthma by age 12
A University of Melbourne led study has revealed that wheezy toddlers who have a sensitivity to house dust mites are more at risk of developing asthma by the age of 12. ANI

Chemical changes in brains may predict risk for Alzheimer's
A new study has identified biochemical changes in the brains of normal people who might be at risk for Alzheimer's disease. ANI

160 mln-yr-old 'Jurassic mother from China' fossil provides missing link in early mammal evolution
A remarkably well-preserved fossil of a small shrew-like mammal has been discovered in the Liaoning Province in northeast China that provides new information about the earliest ancestors of most of today's mammal species-the placental mammals. ANI

Latest cholera pandemic originated from Bay of Bengal
Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have tracked the spread of the five-decades-old seventh (latest) cholera pandemic back to the Bay of Bengal. ANI

How Ebola virus gains entry into cells and transmits deadly infection
An Indian-origin researcher and his colleagues have identified a cellular protein that plays a critical role in Ebola virus infection. ANI

Substance abuse can increase vulnerability to depression
That a mood disorder increases an individual's risk for substance abuse has been long established, but new evidence has shown that the opposite may be true. ANI

NASA's Swift satellite spots 'dormant' black hole devouring a star
NASA's Swift satellite have spotted a truly extraordinary event, the awakening of a distant galaxy's dormant black hole as it shredded and consumed a star. ANI

Key eye reflexes altered in people with Down syndrome
A University of Colorado School of Medicine researcher has found that key eye reflexes are substantially altered in people with Down syndrome, who often have poor balance and motor coordination. ANI

Southampton Varsity develops new way to generate music and control computers
University of Southampton researchers have developed a new way to generate music and control computers. ANI

Scientists discover 20mln-yr-old skull of tree-climbing ape in Uganda
A team of Ugandan and French scientists has discovered a partial skull of a tree-climbing ape dated to around 20 million years ago in Uganda's Karamoja region. ANI

New genetic evidence sheds light on origins of British men
A new genetic study has found evidence that most British men are not descended from immigrant farmers who migrated east 5,000-10,000 years ago, as previously thought. ANI

Now, a 'reengineered' antibiotic to kill deadly resistant bacteria
A team of scientists has successfully reengineered an important antibiotic to kill the deadliest antibiotic-resistant bacteria. ANI

Why some obese people are diabetic and prone to heart disease
A team of researchers led by one of Indian-origin, has discovered why some obese people develop chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and others do not. ANI

Stem cells from human amnion fluid show promise against respiratory diseases
A study has found that epithelial cells derived from human amnion fluid (hAECs) are therapeutic when transplanted into laboratory mice modelling lung disease. ANI

Global climate cycle El Nino fuels civil wars
A new study has found a natural global climate cycle associated to periodic increases in warfare. ANI

Twitter study questions 'UK rationale' for banning social networking sites during civil unrest
A new study of a database of Twitter messages regarding the UK riots has questioned the rationale behind government proposals to ban people from social networks or shut down the social networking sites during civil unrest. ANI

Adventurous females tend to pick mates with similar interests
It's well known that adventurous women are more likely to choose partners who have similar personalities, irrespective of their appearance. ANI

New invasive procedures may help treat cluster headache
A study has indicated that cluster headache has a substantial detrimental effect on quality of life. ANI

Fruit fly bacteria can stop mosquitoes from transmitting dengue virus
A bacteria, which is commonly found in fruit flies, can prevent the Aedes aegypti mosquito from transmitting the virus that causes dengue fever, researchers have found. ANI

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