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Technology News on August 23, 2011

Prenatal smoking effects on kid's neurodevelopment worse than thought
Babies born to mothers who smoke while pregnant face delays in early neurological development, and the effects may be stronger than had been previously thought, a new research has warned. ANI

'Throwable robots' serving as 'smart' grenades to soldiers in the field
South Korean defense forces are using small, lightweight throwable "smart grenades" that allow their troops to peer over walls, climb stairs and kill enemies from a distance via remote control. ANI

'Boozer' electric vehicle sets world record for longest drive
An experimental electric vehicle, dubbed the "Schluckspecht" (German word for "boozer"), has set the record for the longest drive achieved by an electric vehicle on a single battery charge. ANI

Smoking during pregnancy ups kids' asthma risk
Children with severe asthma are 3.6 times more likely to have been exposed to tobacco smoking before birth than children with a mild form of the disease, according to a new study. ANI

New target against type 2 diabetes and prediabetes identified
Researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center have identified a new drug target for treatment of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. ANI

Bullying influences students' grades, finds study
A new research has suggested that victims of bullying often suffer academically, and this is particularly true for high achieving black and Latino students. ANI

Study of small molecules paves way for brain cancer therapy
The findings of a study that could advance the development of targeted gene therapies and improve prognosis could be beneficial for patients suffering from an aggressive brain cancer. ANI

Ability to count helps hyenas decide whether to fight or flee from intruders
A research at Michigan State University has indicated that being able to count helps spotted hyenas decide whether to fight or flee. ANI

Rumination study 'may provide insights into depression, its treatment'
A new research by Stanford University researchers has provided insights into how rumination is represented in the brain of depressed persons. ANI

NASA's first humanoid robot 'turned on' in space
In a bid to help the astronauts in space, NASA researchers have developed a humanoid robot. ANI

Parks do not contribute to poverty in developing countries
A new study has undermined conventional wisdom - that national parks are to blame for the poverty found at their borders. ANI

'Breathlessness' is nature's secret behind morphing caterpillars into moths
A new study has shown how oxygen is one important factor in controlling the size, growth and overall development of insects. ANI

Disgusting, threatening anti-smoking ads can have 'boomerang' effect
Disturbing images and threatening messages on cigarette packages may be ineffective at communicating the desired message that smoking is unhealthy, and instead trigger strong defense reactions from viewers, a new research has found. ANI

Volkswagen set to reveal zero emission one-seater electric car
Despite being aware of the failures to introduce single-seater cars in the past, Volkswagen is planning to unveil its own version of one, with the potential for zero emissions, in next month's Frankfurt auto show. ANI

'Hepatitis G' - an ignored virus that may trigger liver cancer
Declaration that Hepatitis G virus is non-harmful by the US Food and Drug Administration may have been the wrong decision, researchers say. ANI

Now, oral mucosa cells manipulated into young, fetal-like stem cells
Scientists at Tel Aviv University's Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine have successfully collected cells from oral mucosa - the membrane that lines the inside of our mouths - and manipulated them into stem cells. ANI

High aspirations and clarity of goals may help battle 'Great Recession'
A new research has found that young workers who maintained high career aspirations and clarity of career goals may weather turbulent times better than their peers. ANI

Long-term evolutionary changes take about 1 million years
Scientists have discovered that although evolution is a constant and sometimes rapid process, the changes that hit and stick tend to take a long time, about one million years. ANI

Coming soon: City-state communities afloat on ocean platforms
Do you want to live on a floating city? Well, PayPal founder Peter Thiel has recently invested 1.25 million dollars to try and make it happen. ANI

Soon, antennas in your clothes to help you communicate in emergencies
Ohio State University researchers are finding ways to incorporate radio antennas directly into clothing, using plastic film and metallic thread. ANI

Possible trigger behind epileptic seizures identified
A brain-circuit defect that triggers absence seizures- the most common form of childhood epilepsy- have been identified by the researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. ANI

Both seeing and exploring critical to remembering new experiences
University of Oregon researchers have revealed that seeing and exploring are both necessary for stability in a person's episodic memory when taking in a new experience. ANI

Yeast that gave birth to lager beer discovered in Patagonia
After decades of searching, scientists have finally discovered the origins of the yeast that made lager beer possible. ANI

Why stress 'damages DNA and turns you grey'
Researchers at Duke University Medical Centre have discovered a mechanism that could explain why stress causes DNA damage and turns your hair grey. ANI

Saffron may help prevent liver cancer
A new study has found that saffron, a commonly used spice that add flavour and colour to foods, provides a significant chemopreventive effect against liver cancer in animal models. ANI

Fewer stars in Universe as galaxies running low on gas
The Universe is forming fewer stars than it did over 8 billion years ago and scientists believe it is because galaxies are, quite literally, running out of gas. ANI

Red-tinged dwarf planet 'Snow White' covered with ice and may be with methane'
The dwarf planet 2007 OR10 - nicknamed 'Snow White' - is an icy world, with about half its surface covered in water ice that once flowed from ancient, slush-spewing volcanoes, according to astronomers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). ANI

Boys say talking about problems 'a waste of time'
Boys feel that discussing problems is a waste of time, a new research has found. ANI

Mumbai conference says 'God particle,' if exists, will be discovered within 12 months
At the biannual Lepton-Photon conference in Mumbai, India, ATLAS and CMS scientists have revealed that the elusive Higgs particle, if it exists, will be discovered within the next 12 months. ANI

Targeting cancer cell metabolism can lead to more effective therapy
Scientists have long been looking for a therapy that can selectively target cancer cells, leaving other cells in our bodies unharmed but could not come up with some treatment, until now. ANI

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