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Technology News on August 19, 2011

Common theory that tumours are a hierarchical society could be wrong
A common theory is that tumours are a hierarchical society, in which all cancer cells descend from special self-renewing cancer stem cells. This view predicts that killing the cancer stem cells might suffice to wipe out a cancer. ANI

Now, dance drug ecstasy may help combat blood cancer
Ever thought an illegal rave drug could one day hold the key to beating cancer? Well, researchers in Britain have discovered that modified versions of Ecstasy can help tackle blood cancer. ANI

Mutant gene that causes abnormal chromosome number, leading to cancer identified
Researchers have identified a gene that is commonly mutated in human cancers and have demonstrated its direct role in causing aneuploidy, an abnormal number of chromosomes. ANI

NASA's STEREO leads to first detailed images of solar wind structures
Scientists at Southwest Research Institute and the National Solar Observatory have developed the first detailed images of solar wind structures as plasma and other particles from a coronal mass ejection (CME) travelled 93 million miles and impacted Earth, thanks to NASA's STEREO spacecraft. ANI

MU psychologist develops prevention program for severe postpartum anxiety
A University of Miami psychologist and her collaborators have developed an effective program to prevent new mothers from developing postpartum Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), a severe form of anxiety. ANI

New 'bionic' leg that moves like natural leg developed
A new lower-limb prosthetic has been developed that allows amputees to walk without the leg-dragging gait characteristic of conventional artificial legs. ANI

Scientists make important advance in artificial intelligence by analysing football game
Looks like computer scientists working in the field of artificial intelligence have got some help from football players. ANI

Promising new drug to treat 'deadliest' skin cancer developed
Researchers have developed a new drug to treat malignant melanoma, a deadliest form of skin cancer. ANI

Legendary lost Roman amphitheatre unearthed on Yorkshire hilltop
A team of researchers from the Cambridge University has ended centuries of speculation as to where, or indeed whether, the lost Roman amphitheatre of northern England existed. ANI

Why painkillers are more effective in women than men
A new study has found out why the effectiveness of some painkillers is different between women and men. ANI

How immune memory slips away during chronic infections
Researchers at the Emory Vaccine Centre have identified how memory T cells, white blood cells that help the immune system remember virus and attack it if it comes back, slip away during chronic infections such as those caused by viruses like HIV and hepatitis. ANI

Scientists rewind evolution to create chicken with 'alligator-like' snout
Scientists at the Harvard University have reversed 65 million years of evolutionary history by altering the DNA of a chicken egg so that the embryo developed an alligator-like snout instead of beaks. ANI

NASA spacecraft observations will 'better' forecast solar storms
With the help of NASA spacecraft observations and new data processing techniques, scientists can for the first time track the effects of a solar storm on Earth, offering new advancements in our ability to predict space weather and how it will impact satellites, communications, power grid and air traffic control equipment on Earth. ANI

Perchlorate found in Martian soil does not rule out life on Mars
Scientists had previously suggested that soil examined by NASA's Viking Mars landers in 1976 might have contained carbon-based chemical building blocks of life. ANI

4-year-old kids 'are able to identify truly knowledgeable person'
As children grow, they learn a lot about the world from what other people tell them. Now, a new study has found that when children reach around 4 years, they start noticing whether someone is actually knowledgeable or if they're just getting the answers from someone else ANI

Greenland longest-observed glacier melting faster than expected
An international team of academics has found that a key glacier in Greenland is melting faster than previously expected, a finding that provides crucial insight into the effects of climate change. ANI

Evidence of brain 'rewiring' in people who stammer since childhood
A new study has found that the brains of people who stammer since childhood show evidence of "rewiring" between the left and right brain. ANI

Now, a new drug that could heal broken hearts
Clinical studies by experts in San Francisco and at Hull University have found a new drug that could mend broken hearts, offering hope to hundreds of thousands of heart failure patients. ANI

High-protein drinks benefit athletes most when taken immediately after exercise
Athletes have been using high-quality, high-protein beverages, particularly dairy-based drinks enriched with whey proteins, during and after exercise to enhance muscle growth. ANI

NASA-funded research creates first complete map of Antarctic ice flow
Scientists with funding from NASA have created the first complete map of the speed and direction of ice flow in Antarctica. ANI

Brit researchers create 'Shiraz' pea - world's first purple peas
British researchers have developed a first-of-its-kind purple mange-tout pea. ANI

Sunspot tracking could provide 2 days' advance warning of damaging solar flare
Stanford researchers have developed a method that can predict disruptions such as solar flares and mass eruptions one or two days in advance so that protective measures could be taken to shield vulnerable electronics before solar storms strike. ANI

Men and women behave differently in mental illness
A new study has discovered that differences between men and women can be found even among mental illnesses, with certain disorders being more common to specific genders. ANI

'E-books becoming threat to aspiring writers', says leading author
E-books are increasingly becoming a major threat to the future of English literature because aspiring writers will not be paid enough to make a living, a leading author has claimed. ANI

Vitamin C treatment may help curb Alzheimer's
Taking vitamin C might help patients with Alzheimer's disease, a study has suggested. ANI

Apple faces lawsuit from 27000 South Koreans
Software technology giant Apple is facing a lawsuit brought by 27000 South Koreans who claimed it had invaded their privacy by storing a hidden log of their movements on their iPhones. ANI

Boys maturing sexually earlier than ever
A new study has revealed that boys are maturing physically earlier than ever before with the age of sexual maturity decreasing by about 2.5 months each decade at least since the middle of the 18th century. ANI

Candle flames 'contain millions of tiny diamond nanoparticles'
Scottish scientists have claimed that candle flames contain millions of tiny diamond particles. ANI

How 'sticky' egg captures sperm to begin fertilization
An international team of scientists has discovered exactly how a human egg captures an incoming sperm to begin the fertilisation process, a finding that could help explain infertility causes and provide new contraceptive targets. ANI

Religion heading to extinction in 9 countries, says study
A study has reportedly found that religion is set for extinction in nine countries. ANI

Moon may be 200 million years younger than previously thought
The moon may be 200 million years younger than previously believed, according to a new analysis of a lunar rock brought back to Earth by the Apollo 16 mission in 1972. ANI

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