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Technology News on August 18, 2011

Play competitive scrabble and become smarter
Playing competitive scrabble can make you smarter, a new study has suggested. ANI

Secret behind spider silk's extreme strength decoded
Scientists in Germany have now discovered how spiders spun silk that are potentially stronger than steel. ANI

Gene combo increases risk of lung cancer mostly in light smokers
Smokers who have a particular combination of two types of specific genes have a higher risk of becoming addicted to nicotine and developing lung cancer, a new study has suggested. ANI

Now, a phone app that can find you a one-night stand!
GPS just landed itself a sleazy purpose - to boost the odds of getting "lucky" on a night out by up to 90 per cent. ANI

Setting ambitious goals key to a happy life
Consumers who set ambitious goals for themselves have a greater level of satisfaction compared to those who set conservative goals, according to a new study, including an Indian-origin researcher. ANI

Fossil reveals evolution of filter-feeding whales' gigantic mouths
Scientists have made a key step in understanding the evolution of filter-feeding whales' enormous mouths, thanks to an ancient fossil. ANI

Near-infrared imaging system may be used to diagnose pancreatic cancer
Scientists have found that optical coherence tomography (OCT), a high resolution optical imaging technique that works by bouncing near-infrared laser light off biological tissue, can reliably distinguish between pancreatic cysts that are low-risk and high-risk for becoming malignant. ANI

Google launches iPhone photo-sharing app Photovine
In the latest bid for social network dominance, search giant Google has unveiled a new photo sharing application. ANI

Melted polar ice caps could recover if Earth is cooled again
A model has shown that polar ice caps can recover from warmer climate-induced melting. ANI

'Patients with diabetes, hypertension may be at high risk of developing glaucoma'
A study by researchers at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center has indicated that individuals who suffer from diabetes and hypertension may have an increased risk of developing open-angle glaucoma (OAG). ANI

New tool enables first responders to visualize post-event disaster effects
For the first time, emergency preparedness officials and first responders have used a new, science-based software tool to view and modify accurate models of building damage and other post-event disaster effects in iPad mobile devices. ANI

Soon, surgeons can 'feel' tumours during keyhole surgery
A Leeds University study has combined computer virtualisation with a device that simulates pressure on a surgeon's hand when touching human tissue remotely. ANI

'Google + lacks originality, users': Facebook
A senior Facebook executive has criticized Google +, saying Google's social networking site lacks users, originality and appeal to software developers. ANI

Primitive eel branded 'living fossil' found in Pacific Ocean
Scientists at the Smithsonian and partnering organizations have discovered a remarkably primitive eel in a cave beneath the Pacific Ocean in the Republic of Palau. ANI

New drug for chronic leukaemia predicts who will respond to its effects
A new drug designed to treat chronic leukaemia has offered new markers that could identify which patients would receive maximum benefit from the treatment, according to researchers at Cleveland Clinic. ANI

Teamwork can help overcome fatigue
A new research has found individuals, who work together as a team, display better problem-solving skills than those who face their fatigue alone. ANI

E-books threaten livelihoods of aspiring writers, warns Booker Prize winner
A Booker Prize winning author has claimed that e-books are threatening the future of English literature because aspiring writers will not be paid enough to make a living. ANI

Arctic ice melt may stop over next decades, before resuming again
A new study has suggested that melting of Arctic sea ice may temporarily stabilize or the ice may somewhat expand at times over the next few decades. ANI

McLaren can still 'pull back' to win F1 world championship, says team principal
McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh believes that his team can still defy the odds and win the Formula One world championship despite the big lead currently enjoyed by Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel. ANI

'Fish oil use associated with less brain shrinkage'
A positive association between fish oil supplements and cognitive functioning as well as differences in brain structure between users and non-users of fish oil supplements has been found by researchers at Rhode Island Hospital's Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders Center. ANI

Quantum optical link sets new entanglement time record - 1 hour
Researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen have succeeded in setting a new record by maintaining the entanglement of the spins of two gas clouds of cesium atoms for up to an hour. ANI

Scientists crack the 'coffee ring effect'
A team at the University of Pennsylvania, including an Indian-origin physicist, has finally found out why a spilled drip of coffee causes dark, well-defined edges, known technically as the "coffee ring effect". ANI

Obese women fail to conceive due to their 'fatty' ovaries
High levels of saturated fatty acids commonly found in the ovaries of obese women and those with Type II diabetes can upset embryonic development and lead to failed pregnancies, according to a new research. ANI

Media messages influence overweight women more than friends, family
Findings by social scientists at the Arizona State University have indicated that women harbour a fat-stigma even though their family and closest friends may not judge them as "fat". ANI

Twitter brings all worst first date sufferers together
Author and musician Rhodri Marsden's single tweet about his disastrous first date encouraged hundreds of others to share their experiences of a similar horror. ANI

Sniffer dogs can be used to detect lung cancer in its early stage
Researchers from Schillerhoehe Hospital in Germany have found that sniffer dogs can reliably detect lung cancer in its early stage. ANI

Gigantic alpha blob glow comes from galaxies hidden within
For the first time, a team of astronomers has found polarisation in an unusual object called a Lyman-alpha blob. And this observation may help to unlock the mystery of how the blobs shine. ANI

How microbes travel the Earth to spread diseases
A new study has explored how widely microbes could be dispersed across the Earth, raising questions about their potential to colonise new lands and also potentially to spread diseases. ANI

'Swiss Army knife' protein helps virus to tear in and cause infection
A virus works by using the 'Swiss Army knife' protein on it tail, to cause infection, according to a new study. ANI

Prenatal stress effects may be passed across generations
Exposure to stress during early pregnancy can lead to long-term changes in offspring that can be passed across generations, a new study on mice has suggested. ANI

Use of turmeric, herbal tea, garlic 'can counteract chemotherapy therapy'
A new report has suggested that acai berry, cumin, herbal tea, turmeric and long-term use of garlic - all herbal supplements commonly believed to be beneficial to your health - may negatively impact chemotherapy treatment ANI

Alligator fat identified as a new source for biodiesel fuel
An Indian-origin scientist along with other colleagues have identified a new and unlikely raw material for the fuel: Alligator fat. ANI

New approach complements traditional therapy for kids with cerebral palsy
A new rehabilitation approach that focuses on where a child with cerebral palsy lives and plays, not just improving the child's balance, posture and movement skills is just as beneficial as traditional child-focused therapy, offering parents an additional treatment option for their child, a new study has suggested. ANI

Now, a software can tell if you're attractive or threatening from your face
Scientists have developed new computational tools that will help computers determine whether faces fall into categories like attractive, threatening, dominant or mean. ANI

Novel antibodies capable of blocking HIV infection isolated
Scientists have isolated 17 novel antibodies capable of neutralizing a broad spectrum of variants of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. ANI

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