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Technology News on August 17, 2011

Want a good night's rest? Sleep on your back
It is proven that good night's sleep is important for numerous health benefits. But want to know what is the best sleep position to get a good night's rest? ANI

Our Earth is not getting larger at present, confirms NASA
Since Charles Darwin's time, scientists have speculated that the solid Earth might be expanding or contracting. But now, a new NASA study has essentially laid those speculations to rest. ANI

Biomarker that could help spot early signs of ovarian cancer discovered
Researchers at Rush University Medical Center have identified a molecule in the bloodstream of infertile women that could one day be used to screen for those at high risk for the disease - or even those with early-stage ovarian cancer and prevent thousands of deaths. ANI

Yahoo, Facebook to test 'six degrees of separation' theory
Yahoo and Facebook will test the "six degrees of separation" theory to see how closely people are connected worldwide. ANI

Soft corals are key building blocks of reefs
Scientists have long believed that soft corals, one of the many endangered elements of marine life, are only minor contributors to the structure of coral reefs. ANI

FBI releases iPhone app 'Child ID' to track down missing kids easily
As the cases of missing children are increasing day by day, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has taken a step that could make the search and rescue operation easier for the law enforcement. ANI

World's 'smallest true nails known on record' discovered
The fossil of world's oldest known fingernails has been found. The fossils were collected over the last seven years in northwestern Wyoming's Bighorn Basin. ANI

New technique shows brain cells in 3-D with 50 times better resolution
Lausanne researchers have observed brain cells as precise as never before thanks to a new technique that represents hundreds of nerve cells in three dimensions and with 50 times better resolution. ANI

Confident people more likely to stick to a workout regime
Confidence is key to overcome the obstacles that come when sticking to a workout regime, according to a new study. ANI

Post-traumatic stress disorder impairs ability to recognize fear, sadness
A new study has found that the ability to recognize fear and sadness is compromised in people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ANI

Energy-harvesting displays to charge future smartphones, TVs
Energy produced by the backlight of electronic devices such as smartphones or TVs could soon be recycled and re-used by equipping their LCD screens with built-in photovoltaic polarizers, scientists say. ANI

Russia to launch 'space hotel' with 'intergalactic view'
A Russian company has unveiled an ambitious plan to launch a 'space hotel' in orbit 217 miles up which would have huge windows for views of the Earth turning below. ANI

Obesity 'leads to heart rhythm disorder'
For the first time, it has been found that obesity directly causes electrical abnormalities of the heart. ANI

Women smokers 'as vulnerable to bladder cancer as men'
A study by scientists from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health, has found that current cigarette smokers have a higher risk of bladder cancer than previously reported, and the risk in women is now comparable to that in men. ANI

Our ability to 'better cope with stress may be due to heritable changes'
A new study from the University of Haifa has indicated that rats exposed to stress during early development inherit the effects of that stress to their offspring, largely expressed in behaviour impairments but also characteristics of resilience. ANI

Defective gene behind rheumatoid arthritis identified
A defective gene, can contribute to the onset of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a new study has shown. ANI

Soon, a pill to reverse effects of ageing on immune system
Scientists have found new drug targets which could temporarily reverse the effects of ageing on immunity and could, in the future, allow for the short-term boosting of the immune systems of older people. ANI

ESA plans course-changing 'blasting asteroid headed for earth' mission
The European Space Agency is planning to launch a test mission to blow up a huge asteroid to see if its course changes from hurtling towards Earth. ANI

Wood may be 10 million years older than thought!
A study of 400-million-year-old samples of fossils has revealed that woody plants appeared about 10 million years earlier than previously thought. ANI

We feel at our best on Wednesdays
Wednesday is the day when we are on our best behaviour and care more for our health, according to a new survey. ANI

Practice can help enhance visual word recognition ability in adulthood
A new study has revealed that word recognition ability can be fine-tuned by experience and practice ANI

Study confirms vitamin D's pivotal role in protecting against colon cancer
A new study has confirmed the pivotal role of vitamin D, specifically its receptor (VDR), in slowing down the action of a key protein in the carcinogenic transformation process of colon cancer cells. ANI

Mystery behind giant arrow-shaped cloud on Saturn's moon Titan unraveled
A research group has explained why Titan, Saturn's largest moon, has what looks like an enormous white arrow about the size of Texas on its surface. ANI

Oxygen may have been present on Earth 300 mln years earlier than believed
A new research from MIT has found evidence of early oxygen on our planet. ANI

Malignant stem cells shed light on breast cancer development, recurrence
A study has indicated that abnormalities in malignant stem cells may indicate the earliest mutations in breast cancers. ANI

Speaking, understanding speech share same parts of brain, finds study
It was long debated that whether two big tasks related to speech - making it and understanding it - are really two separate tasks or whether they both use the same regions of the brain. ANI

Moderate drinkers quarter less prone to Alzheimer's, cognitive impairment
Moderate social drinking - a maximum of two drinks per day for men and 1 drink per day for women - significantly reduces the risk of dementia and cognitive impairment, according to a new study. ANI

Zinc lozenges may reduce duration of common colds by upto 40 percent
A University of Helsinki scientist has indicated that zinc lozenges may shorten the duration of common cold episodes by up to 40percent. ANI

Now, a faster, cheaper test to diagnose TB
Researchers have announced the discovery of a faster, cheaper method for the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB). ANI

5 genes linked to aggressive prostate cancer discovered
Researchers in Seattle and Sweden have identified five inherited genetic markers associated with aggressive, lethal prostate cancer. ANI

Seeing eye to eye is like saying 'copy me now'
Seeing eye to eye acts as an invitation for mimicry, triggering mechanisms in the frontal region of the brain that control imitation, say scientists. ANI

Faster, efficient male birds catch the ladies
A University of Manchester team has found that faster, efficient male birds are more successful at breeding, being able to defend larger territories against rivals, indicating that physiology, and not just physical appearance, plays a role in sexual selection. ANI

Radar could be key in detecting early tsunami warnings
The high-frequency radar that detected the devastating March 11 tsunami, as it swept toward the coasts of California and Japan, could form part of new early warning systems, scientists say. ANI

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