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Technology News on August 1, 2011

Antarctica rising by 5 millimetres a year!
The loss of ice due to climate change in Antarctica is causing the once buoyant continent to be heaven-bound. ANI

Hydroelectricity's carbon output highest in tropics
Hydroelectric power could be doing more harm than good to the climate, a new study has revealed. ANI

Astronomers find darkest known galaxy outside Milky Way
Astronomers have confirmed that Segue 1 is the most dark-matter-rich galaxy ever found. ANI

'Mars had been bone dry for billions of years'
Scientists have been "following the water" on Mars for decades. ANI

'Humankind's mental tide turned between 164,000 and 120,000 yrs ago'
A recent study has indicated human evolution's tide may have turned on lake and sea shores. ANI

Neurobehavioral processes could help control obesity
Researchers have said that obesity counselling should focus on neurobehavioral processes and not personal choice when it comes to selection of food. ANI

Soon, cars that tell you to take the bus or risk getting late!
Cars will soon be able to calculate whether the traffic jam you're in will make you late for a meeting, working out whether it might be better to park somewhere and take public transport. ANI

Colon cleansing 'has no benefit', but numerous side effects: Docs
Colon cleansing, mainly described as a natural way to enhance well-being, can cause side effects ranging from cramping to renal failure and death, a new research has found. ANI

'Crude oil from algae' can solve world's fuel problems
US bioengineers have come up with a new energy source that can substitute petroleum or diesel. ANI

20-yr-old 'huge' fungus discovered in China
A new giant fungus thought to be at least 20 years old has been found in China. ANI

Magnetic spirals 'could pave way for smaller, efficient data storage units'
Physicists have discovered a regular lattice of stable magnetic skyrmions - radial spiral structures made up of atomic-scale spins - on a surface instead of in bulk materials. ANI

Scientists on trail of genetic roots of asthma
Scientists have revealed a novel gene associated with the elevated risk for asthma in African-Americans. ANI

Genes triggering adult asthma identified
A new study has shed light on the genetic factors contributing to asthma susceptibility, paving way for better treatments of millions of sufferers around the world. ANI

Rome's Pantheon may have served as a massive sundial
One of antiquity's most remarkable examples of engineering, The Pantheon - a giant temple in the heart of Rome - that was built by Emperor Hadrian 2000 years ago, may have acted as a colossal sundial, a new study has revealed. ANI

'Physics could potentially hold secrets of crop-circle artists'
A scientist has shed new insight into crop circles that critics claim is beyond scientific understanding. ANI

Now, a disposable credit card-sized device that can diagnose infections within minutes!
An innovative strategy for an integrated microfluidic-based diagnostic device - in effect, a lab-on-a-chip - that can perform complex laboratory assays, and do so with such simplicity that these tests can be carried out in the most remote regions of the world, has been developed. ANI

US artist plans to replace lost eyeball with camera
A San Francisco-based visual artist, who lost her left eye in a car accident in 2005, has come up with a novel idea of installing a tiny video camera into her prosthetic eye. ANI

Insect flight inspires tiny flying robots for spying, rescue missions
Scientists from Oxford University have taken inspiration from insect wings to develop miniature flying robots for secret military surveillance operations. ANI

Human brain may have reached its peak of intelligence, claim researchers
The human brain has reached the physical limits of intelligence and is physically impossible for us to become any smarter, according to researchers. ANI

Mussels hold secrets of Spiderman's webs sticky strength
It was earlier known that mussels' ability to remain steadfast even when being battered by ocean waves is due the unique properties of glue secreted from their feet but how these remarkable molluscs control their adhesive strength was unknown, till now. ANI

Playing musical instruments can help adults overcome depression
A research has suggested that playing musical instruments can help people overcome depression. ANI

BP pills may lower risk of death from heart disorder
A Scottish research has suggested that patients with a serious heart disorder could be helped with drugs usually taken to combat high blood pressure. ANI

70 percent of 8-month-olds eat more salt than necessary
Seventy percent of eight-month-old babies eat more salt than is recommended for their age due to being fed salty and processed foods like yeast extract, gravy, baked beans and canned goods, according to a new study. ANI

Grapes can reduce skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation (re-issue)
A study by researchers from the University of Barcelona and the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) has indicated that some compounds found in grapes help to protect skin cells from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. ANI

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