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Technology News on April 30, 2011

MarginProbe System significantly improves breast cancer surgery outcomes
Dune Medical Devices, Inc. today announced that the landmark, 664-patient pivotal trial evaluating the MarginProbe System met its primary endpoints. ANI

New solar cell technology boosts efficiency of photovoltaics
The creation of a 3-D nanocone-based solar cell platform has allowed a team of scientists to boost the light-to-power conversion efficiency of photovoltaics by nearly 80 percent. ANI

Scientists find female frogs call out during sex to excite lover
In a new study, scientists have discovered that the female species of the Emei music frog make unique sounds during sex to encourage the performance of their male lovers. ANI

Second gene linked with specific congenital heart defects identified
A study conducted by Nationwide Children's Hospital has found that a gene known to be important in cardiac development has been newly associated with congenital heart malformations that result in obstruction of the left ventricular outflow tract. ANI

Indian origin scientist's gene therapy shows promise in slowing AMD
A new in vivo study by researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine has found that a gene therapy approach using a protein called CD59, or protectin, shows promise in slowing the signs of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). ANI

Web full of free programs to hack sites, bank details 'at click of a button'
IT experts have warned that easy-to-use programs that can access bank details and crash websites are multiplying online, resulting in an increase in attacks during the past year. ANI

Pigs' love of mud linked to their evolution
It is well known that pigs wallow in mud to keep cool because they do not have normal sweat glands to regulate their body temperature. ANI

Inflow of salt water from Indian Ocean could stabilize climate in Europe
It has been predicted that global warming will weaken the effects of the Gulf Stream leading to dry climate in Europe, but a new study has suggested that inflow of salt water from the Indian Ocean could stabilize the climate. ANI

Two heads aren't always better than one when it comes to memory
An overview of memory research has suggested that people who memorize facts in groups remember less than solo students do. ANI

Female dogs are 'more intelligent' than male canines
A study has found that female canines are more intelligent than males, and that in at least once task the females have the edge. ANI

NASA's delays launch of space shuttle Endeavour till May 2
The launch of NASA's space shuttle Endeavour has been delayed till May 2. ANI

Drug for rare childhood cancer may help prevent prostate cancer spread
A new study has found that a drug developed to treat Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare childhood cancer, may also help prevent human prostate cancer from spreading. ANI

UK docs reconstruct cancer patient's breast with pigskin
In a groundbreaking operation, doctors in UK have successfully used pigskin to reconstruct a breast in a cancer patient. ANI

Robotic surgery 'effectively' removes hard-to-reach throat cancer
Till now, robotic surgery was considered a mainstream tool for removing an ever-increasing variety of head and neck tumours. ANI

Mechanism that could provide potential cure for diabetes identified
People develop diabetes because they don't have enough pancreatic beta cells to produce the insulin necessary to regulate their blood sugar levels. ANI

Study identifies immune system 'trigger' that fights disease
Scientists are now one step closer to understanding the mysteries of how our bodies mount an immune response to fight disease. ANI

Americans want to stay busy, even if what they do is trivial
Americans don't really care so much about what they're doing, just as long as they are doing something, suggests a new research. ANI

Prairie voles' social bonding offers hopes for new autism therapies
The process by which prairie voles learn to bond with their mate are offering researchers at the Center for Translational Social Neuroscience (CTSN) at Emory University a useful tool for finding new autism therapies. ANI

Brain 'programmed from birth to recognize day and night cycle'
A new research on circadian rhythms shows that our brains are apparently programmed from birth to recognize and react to sunrise and sunset. ANI

Electrical oscillations key for storing info in brain
Electrical oscillations in the brain, long thought to play a role in organizing cognitive functions such as memory, are critically important for the brain to store the information that allows us to navigate through our physical environment, according to a new study. ANI

Box jellyfish have 4 unique eyes to view world above the water!
Scientists have known for more than a century that box jellyfish had a unique array of eyes. It was known that they could rely on vision to respond to light, avoid obstacles, and control their rate of swimming. ANI

Mathematical model predicts how a tattoo will change over years
What is common between Angelina Jolie, David Beckham and Samantha Cameron? All the three have tattoos. ANI

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