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Technology News on April 27, 2011

Motor protein that blocks ovarian tumor growth found
Penn State College of Medicine researchers have discovered that a motor regulatory protein could block human ovarian tumor growth, leading to eventual cancer cell death and possible new therapies to treat the disease. ANI

Cholesterol-lowering drugs may improve blood flow after stroke
Taking cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins may help may help restore blood flow after a stroke, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. ANI

Bio-based acrylic acid could 'green up' hundreds of everyday products
Researchers have developed a new way to develop greener and more environmentally friendly acrylic acid - a key industrial material that's usually produced from pricey and increasingly scarce petroleum. ANI

Flame retardants in blood of pet dogs at higher level than in humans
Scientists have found that chemical flame-retardants in the blood of pet dogs are at a higher level than in humans. ANI

Cavemen and cave bears competed for shelter 32,000 yrs ago!
Around 32,000 years ago, prehistoric humans might have had to compete with bears to settle into caves, according to a new study. ANI

Hot springs of volcanic crater in Siberia reveals ancient ecology
A study has found that bacteria in the scalding hot springs of a volcanic crater in Siberia can help reconstruct the evolution of Earth's early atmosphere. ANI

Unique life-saving device to offer heart a second chance!
Rice University bioengineering students in collaboration with the Texas Heart Institute (THI) have invented a unique life-saving device that would give immediate second chances to arrhythmia victims headed toward cardiac arrest. ANI

People produce consistent, 'signature' brainwave patterns: Teen study
A new study of electroencephalography (EEG) has found that a teenager's rapidly changing brain remains placidly unaltered over the years - a finding that adds evidence to a kind of brainwave "fingerprint." ANI

Submarine firm develops new glass design to help reach bottom of ocean
A submarine team in the US has revealed that they have developed a new glass design that can withstand intense pressure at the bottom of the ocean. ANI

Broccoli and brussels sprouts boost sunscreens' cancer fighting abilities
Penn State College of Medicine researchers have revealed that a topical compound called ISC-4 found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts may increase sunscreens' abilities to prevent melanoma lesion formation. ANI

An eco-friendly gym that converts sweat into electricity
Adam Boesel, owner of the Green Microgym in Alberta has succeeded in doing what numerous gym goers must have thought of while jogging on the treadmill, harness the energy created from workouts and turn it into electricity. ANI

Soon, stroke patients to recover hand mobility using sensor glove
Stroke patients may soon be able to recover hand mobility as they play video games motion-thanks to a glove developed at McGill University in Montreal. ANI

Titanic's 'unknown child's' identity finally revealed
The identity of one of the Titanic's most famous passengers, a little boy known as the "unknown child," has finally been recognized- a team of American and Canadian researchers has revealed. ANI

Power and Choice are two sides of the same coin
A new study has found that having power over others and having choices in your own life share a critical foundation, i.e. control. ANI

'God Particle' find claims branded 'premature'
Experts have brushed aside speculation about a dramatic finding by a group of researchers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) regarding a signal compatible with Higgs boson particle, calling it premature. ANI

New evidence on what triggered ancient Supernovas
Using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers have discovered new evidence on what trigged an historic supernova explosion. ANI

"Nightmare scenario" as huge data theft hits 70 m Sony PlayStation users
In one of the biggest ever cases of data theft, the personal data of a staggering 70 million PlayStation Network and Qriocity users have been stolen by hackers. ANI

Now, a caterpillar-inspired soft robot that curls into a high-speed wheel
Inspired by a caterpillar that has the extraordinary ability to rapidly curl into a wheel and propel itself away from predators, researchers have created a robot that curls itself into a loop and peels out at speeds faster than half a meter per second. ANI

'Pink for a girl, blue for a boy' goes back to our hunter-gatherer past
The theory of females preferring pinks and reds while men blues and greens goes back to our hunter-gatherer past, a new study by Chinese scientists has shown. ANI

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