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Technology News on April 26, 2011

Now, detect acute pancreatitis faster and cheaper with a biosensor!
Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin has developed a new test to diagnose acute pancreatitis, which gives results much faster than existing tests. ANI

Potatoes back on menus as healthy meal
Potato-based dishes are turning up on more dinner tables and restaurant menus as a healthy addition to almost any meal, according to a new research. ANI

Titan may harbor huge ocean beneath its frozen surface
A new study has suggested that Titan, Saturn's largest moon, might have a huge liquid ocean below its frozen dune covered surface. ANI

Some bacteria 'go to sleep to hide from antibiotics'
Some bacteria avoid antibiotic treatments by going off the grid and hiding until it is safe to come out again, according to a new study. ANI

Viruses can boost solar-cell efficiency: MIT study
MIT researchers have enlisted tiny viruses to help assemble solar cells and make significant improvements in their power-conversion efficiency. ANI

Mosquitoes produce proteins to fight stress from hot blood meals
A new study has found that mosquitoes produce heat shock proteins to help them handle the stressful spike in body temperature during and after their hot blood meals. ANI

How thousands of fire ants stay afloat despite piling on top of one another
A study has found out how thousands of fire ants stay afloat on water despite piling up one on top of another. ANI

Amphibian declines have multiple causes with no simple solution
A new study has found that amphibian declines around the world have multiple causes that are still not fully understood, and which have no simple solutions. ANI

Mobile users in UK turn to free instant messaging for communication
A survey has shown that mobile text messaging could soon become extinct in UK, as the younger generation are turning more and more to other forms of electronic communication. ANI

Green LED TVs and computers 'a step closer to reality'
Scientists have developed a new method for manufacturing green-colored LEDs with greatly enhanced light output, which could likely lead to a new generation of high-performance, energy-efficient display devices. ANI

High IQ scores as much a measure of motivation as of mental ability
University of Pennsylvania researchers have revealed that getting a high score in an IQ test requires both high intelligence and competitive tendencies to motivate the test-taker to perform to the best of their ability. ANI

Wanna keep your brain healthy in old age? Party and meet friends!
Do you want to keep your brain healthy in old age? Then meet friends, attend parties or just go to the church! ANI

Meet Salman Khan, the one man global educator on Youtube!
Salman Khan from California has pioneered an advanced teaching style using technology to simplify lessons on math, science, and a range of other subjects that have made him a web sensation. ANI

Tuberculosis enzyme responsible for lung destruction identified
Scientists have identified a key enzyme responsible for destroying lung tissue in tuberculosis (TB), a finding that could lead to new treatments. ANI

World's first electronic specs to make tedious bifocals history!
If you're one of the many who rely on bifocal lenses, you may soon get a new view of life this summer. ANI

Omega-3 fatty acids good for heart, bad for prostate
Researchers are suggesting that high levels of Omega-3s, while good for the heart, may present a higher risk for developing prostate cancer. ANI

Positive emotions don't help Asians recover from stress and depression
Psychotherapies emphasizing positives, which can relieve stress and depression in white populations, may not work for Asians, according to a new study. ANI

Poisonous chemical formaldehyde linked to origin of life on Earth
New research suggests that the poisonous chemical formaldehyde may have helped create the organic compounds present in the universe that gave rise to life. ANI

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