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Technology News on April 23, 2011

Best views of 'shooting stars' expected over the next two days
Skywatchers are expecting to get the best views of the "shooting stars" over the next two days, when the Lyrid meteor shower reaches its peak. ANI

Earth will recover faster from global warming show prehistoric evidence
A team of scientists has analysed evidence from a prehistoric event and come to the conclusion that the Earth may be able to recover from rising carbon dioxide emissions faster than previously thought. ANI

Vitamin takers 'more likely to gorge on fast food'
A study has indicated that people who take vitamin pills may be more likely to gorge on fast food. ANI

Now, a virtual reality system that can fool your taste buds
Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created a virtual reality system that works with smell and sight to manipulate users' perceptions of the taste of a cookie. ANI

Four new species discovered may shed light on human evolution
The discovery of four individuals of a new species could shed light on human evolution. ANI

Healthy liver-cell transplants may help treat genetic liver-lung disorder
A animal study has found that transplanting cells from healthy adult livers may work in treating a genetic liver-lung disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. ANI

Study of parasite behaviour holds hope for sleeping sickness disease
A study of a sleeping sickness parasite by the University of Edinburgh researchers could help offer new treatments for the disease. ANI

Novel approach shows great potential in reducing mortality from flu
A new approach by researchers has shown 'great potential to reduce the morbidity and mortality from flu'. ANI

Has the 'Big Bang' machine detected the elusive 'God particle'?
It is making rounds among the physics community that the world's largest atom smasher may have detected a long-sought subatomic particle called the Higgs boson, also known as the "God particle." ANI

Worm studies shed light on protein associated with human cancers
University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists studying a worm have come closer to a protein associated with a number of different human cancers, which may point to a highly targeted way to treat them. ANI

Scientists develop technique for early detection of Alzheimer's disease
Scientists are developing a new technique by which Alzheimer's disease can be detected in its earliest stages. ANI

Revolutionary jab to halt Alzheimer's may be available within two years
Scientists have made one of the biggest potential breakthroughs in the search for Alzheimer's treatments. ANI

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