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Technology News on April 22, 2011

Taking dietary supplements 'doesn't guarantee good health'
Do you belong to the one-half of the population that frequently uses dietary supplements to get better health? ANI

NASA discovers 122 new eclipsing binary stars
In a groundbreaking survey using NASA's Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory, or STEREO, researchers have discovered 122 new eclipsing binary stars and observed hundreds more variable stars. ANI

EPO doping 'can cut cerebral malaria related deaths'
EPO- the doping drug known from professional cycling- can significantly reduce cerebral malaria related deaths, according to the researchers at the University of Copenhagen. ANI

Now, a sensor film that changes colour to indicate spoiled food!
Scientists have invented a sensor film that changes colour to show when fresh produce has gone off. ANI

Highest suicide rates occur in happiest places
A new study has suggested that happiest places tend to have the highest suicide rates. ANI

Antidepressants 'do not cure all depression symptoms completely'
Antidepressants do not cure all depression symptoms completely, according to a new study. ANI

Novel anti-shingles agent developed
Shingles is a condition that affects mostly elderly and for which no specific treatment exists. ANI

NASA mulling week-long Mars mission simulation for ISS
NASA is planning to use the International Space Station to prepare for a human mission to Mars, beginning with a planned week-long simulation to be staged next summer. ANI

Genes that aid antimalarial drug resistance identified
Using a pair of powerful genome-search techniques, researchers have identified several genes that may be implicated in the malaria parasite's notorious ability to rapidly evade drug treatments. ANI

Hot flashes after prostate cancer treatment? Try acupuncture
A study has indicated that acupuncture provides long-lasting relief to hot flashes, heart palpitations and anxiety due to side effects of the hormone given to counteract testosterone, the hormone that induces prostate cancer. ANI

Twitter users' romantic relationships don't last long
Twitter users' romantic relationships don't last as long as those of non-Twitterers and the problem gets worse as users get older, a new study has revealed. ANI

'All cancer cells are immortal' theory exposed as a myth
Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have hinted that not all cancer cells are immortal. ANI

Your iPhones' 'infidelity app' may reveal your secret flings!
iPhone users beware! Make sure you've got nothing to hide, or your phone might reveal your secret flings. ANI

Brain illness 'made Stalin a more paranoid and ruthless ruler'
Still pondering over the greatest questions of history: what turned Joseph Stalin into an evil? Here is the clue. ANI

NASA spacecraft detects significant changes in Mars' atmosphere
The total amount of atmosphere on Mars changes dramatically as the tilt of the planet's axis varies, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has discovered. ANI

Ozone hole over South Pole 'affecting climate change all the way to equator'
Researchers at Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science have found that the ozone hole, which is located over the South Pole, has affected the entire circulation of the Southern Hemisphere all the way to the equator. ANI

Why massive stellar explosions occur in the tiniest of galaxies?
Astronomers using NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer have shed new light on why some of the most massive stellar explosions ever observed occur in the tiniest of galaxies. ANI

Childhood music lessons keep ageing brains sharper
Music lessons in childhood may keep people's brains sharper as they age even if they no longer play the instrument, according to a new study. ANI

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