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Technology News on April 19, 2011

Botox, facial fillers help old stars to look young
Wondering what magic pixie dust is keeping all of our favourite stars looking between 25 and 35, no matter when their birthday is? Here is the answer. ANI

Bipolar-disorder related mood swings can be predicted
A new study has suggested that the future mood swings of people with bipolar disorder can be predicted by their current thoughts and behaviour. ANI

Houseflies have more than 152,000 cousins!
Houseflies have more than 152,000 cousins that have been described and named, and least that many more that haven't yet been discovered and described, a new research has revealed. ANI

App allows authors to hold eBook signings from anywhere in world
A new electronic book app is offering readers the chance to get their virtual books signed by their favourite authors without them having to resort to writing on the outside of their Kindle or iPad cases. ANI

Male snake choose to 'abandon food source than losing their pe**s'
A new research has suggested that fight or flee Snakes on a small Taiwanese island would rather abandon a food source than risk losing their twin pe**s. ANI

New study examines brain processes behind facial recognition
Wondering why you don't see a face in the clouds or in the moon upside down? ANI

'Iron Man' type robotic exoskeleton to aid recovery in spinal injury patients
A new robotic exoskeleton has been developed to provide spinal cord injury patients with assistance and resistance to help rebuild muscle function. ANI

Simple blood test can now predict premature birth risk
Until now, there was no way to predict a woman's chance of giving birth prematurely. ANI

Pornography websites with '.xxx' addresses open for business
After ICANN approved the .xxx domain name for pornographic websites, the new pornography-only suffix has been added to the Domain Name System, better known for .com, .gov, .net and .uk. ANI

Diet of emails, texts, tweets and status updates can drain your brain!
A new study has shown emails, texts, tweets and status updates could be detrimental to our mental health. ANI

A diet change may bring relief in asthma and allergies
An alteration in dietary habits can be helpful in bringing relief to those suffering from asthma or allergies. ANI

Women are 'more open-minded than men'
A new research has indicated that men are more decisive when making a choice whereas women are more open-minded. ANI

Students develop thought-controlled, hands-free computer for disabled
An innovative technology that could enable people to operate a computer without using a keyboard or mouse - only their brainwaves - have been developed by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev software engineering students. ANI

Dietary, lifestyle changes can slash blood fat levels
A study has indicated that dietary and lifestyle changes can significantly reduce elevated levels of triglycerides (a type of blood fat) which is associated with heart, blood vessel and other diseases. ANI

Compound that effectively suppresses multiple sclerosis developed
Scientists have developed the first of a new class of highly selective compounds that effectively suppresses the severity of multiple sclerosis in animal models. ANI

Simple jab could limit heart attacks and stroke damages
The damages from heart attacks and stroke could be radically reduced by a simple injection, according to a new study. ANI

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