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Technology News on April 18, 2011

Low-cost molecular medicine offers hope for patients with vision loss
Molecular medicine is beginning to provide hope for patients with declining sight when all other therapies have been exhausted, according to an expert. ANI

Land plants 'evolved from conjugating green algae'
A new research has revealed that the closest relatives to land plants are actually conjugating green algae such as Spirogyra. ANI

'Hawk mimicry' helps cuckoos to scare their hosts
Scientists have said that cuckoos have evolved plumage patterns that give them a hawk-like appearance to scare the birds whose nests they invade. ANI

Older employees 'more productive than young colleagues'
The University of Mannheim researchers have said that older staff is more productive than their younger colleagues. ANI

L-lysine alongside normal medication may benefit schizophrenia patients
A study has shown that patients with schizophrenia who received L-lysine alongside their normal medication found some reduction in the severity of their symptoms. ANI

Novel procedure may treat people with cartilage injuries
For the first time, researchers have come up with a novel mechanism to repair tissue. ANI

New therapeutic target for asthma, other lung disorders identified
A researcher has discovered a molecule's previously unknown role as a major trigger for airway remodeling, which impairs lung function, making the molecule a promising therapeutic target for chronic asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and several other lung conditions. ANI

Now, Amazon's Kindle to display ads while browsing novels
Amazon's most popular product Kindle may soon give you a very different reading experience as they will carry advertising for the first time ANI

limate change 'retreating Arctic coastline by half a metre every year'
Climate change and increased erosion are retreating the Arctic coastline by half a metre every year, according to a new study by more than 30 scientists from 10 countries. ANI

How anti-depressants create brain cells
Scientists have finally discovered how anti-depressants make new brain cells, which could help researchers develop better and more efficient drugs to combat depression. ANI

Sugarcane 'can help in cooling climate'
Sugarcane, grown in Brazil to power automobiles as an alternative to gasoline, has a double benefit - if cultivated in massive scale, it also helps in cooling the climate. ANI

Painkiller used in hospitals, ambulances linked to hepatitis
Doctors have indicated that a painkiller commonly used in hospitals and ambulances may be causing hepatitis, especially in patients who receive multiple doses. ANI

Endometrial cancer gene identified
Researchers from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) and the University of Cambridge have identified an area of the genome that increases the risk of developing endometrial cancer. ANI

Now, trees can detect soil, water contaminants
Researchers at the University of Missouri-Rolla have proved that trees can really let you know about unseen degradation of their environment. ANI

Secret behind polar animals' antifreeze mechanism revealed
For the first time, scientists have discovered how 'antifreeze' in polar animals' blood keeps them alive in subzero conditions. ANI

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