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Technology News on April 17, 2011

Chronic inhalation of polluted air 'can lead to inflammation, heart risk'
A study led by an Indian origin scientist, has suggested that chronic inhalation of polluted air triggers the release of white blood cells that leads to inflammation and risk of heart disease. ANI

453-yr-old 'debit card' unearthed in Germany
Archaeologists have discovered a 453-year-old wooden 'tally stick', used to keep track of debts, in Germany. ANI

Drug potency may decrease in space
A new study has found that some of the pharmaceuticals stored on space flights may have shorter shelf-life than they do on Earth. ANI

Repeated exposure to pain relief puffer may damage liver
Experts have warned that repeated exposure to a widely-used anaesthetic may cause liver disease. ANI

Now, a new eye jab that could cure blindness!
Scientists have developed a new eye injection, which they claim could cure blindness. ANI

Onions 'can control obesity, diabetes and BP'
A new study shows that onions can be instrumental in regulating weight, besides preventing diabetes and reducing blood pressure. ANI

Women make the best gardeners: Study
If you want a great garden, hand the gloves to women.or they are better at choosing, arranging and tending to flowers, planting hanging baskets and selecting garden ornaments, according to a new study. ANI

Low carb-diet reduces liver fat faster
A new study has suggested that curbing carbohydrates is more effective than cutting calories for individuals who want to quickly reduce the amount of fat in their liver. ANI

Coming soon: a reusable, floating venue for Olympics!
An architect has developed a floating set of Olympic facilities that can be reusable and easily transported to new coastal locations. ANI

Death rates 'higher in persons having both autism and epilepsy'
A new study found that people with both autism and epilepsy have a much higher death rate than those with autism alone. ANI

Sociable people stand higher chances of surviving stroke
A recent study has found that sociable people have higher chances of surviving stroke than the ones who are more reserved. ANI

People know how reliable their 'first impressions' are
A recent study has indicated that people instinctively know how accurate their first impressions are. ANI

A chance revelation-Molybdenum can be used to produce cost-effective hydrogen
A chance discovery has revealed that using a molybdenum- based catalyst can produce cost -effective hydrogen. ANI

Study of sea squirt may help prevent rejection of transplanted organs
Scientists at UC Santa Barbara has indicated studies of the small sea squirt may ultimately help solve the problem of rejection of organ and bone marrow transplants in humans. ANI

How to remove radioactive materials from drinking water
A study has found that a combination of forest by-products and crustacean shells may be the key to removing radioactive materials from drinking water. ANI

Thin-ideal images 'make women feel better about their bodies, but not for long'
When college-age women looked at magazines that only included images of women with thin, idealized body types for five straight days, their own body satisfaction improved, according to a new study. ANI

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