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Technology News on April 15, 2011

How salt causes hypertension
A new study tends to comprehend the mechanism behind salt-induced hypertension. ANI

Enzyme crucial to DNA replication may be potent anti-cancer drug target
Scientists have found that an enzyme essential for DNA replication and repair in humans works in a way that might be exploited as an anti-cancer therapy. ANI

Hospitalized seniors may suffer temporary memory loss upon discharge
A new study has suggested that hospitalisations may really cause temporary memory loss and difficulty in understanding discharge instructions to senior patients. ANI

Newly developed smart camera can track individuals at any angle
A smart camera that can track people as they move in and out of frame has been developed. ANI

Mixed-carb sports drink with protein improves stamina in female athletes
A study has indicated that a "low-carb, mixed-carb" sports drink with added protein leads to prolonged endurance performance in trained female athletes. ANI

Diet and exercise 'more effective for weight loss when combined'
A new study has found that diet and exercise are most effective for weight loss when done together as compared to either strategy alone. ANI

Serotonin 'influences how we judge couples' intimacy
A new study has suggested that brain chemical serotonin plays an important role in the judgments we make about peoples' close personal relationships. ANI

Now, trick the brain to soothe arthritic pain
Researchers at the University of Nottingham has shown that a simple illusion can significantly reduce - and in some cases even temporarily eradicate - arthritic pain in the hand. ANI

Genes that hold key to a long, healthy life identified
Scientists have identified eight genes, which could slow down the ageing process - and help people live longer, healthier lives. ANI

Meet the 'remix' DJS of seas - male humpback whales!
Just like humans, humpback whales follow musical trends that change by the season, according to a new study. ANI

Now, download divorce advice using new iPhone app!
Here's an iPhone application that offers what it claims to be "legal advice and guidance" to those in a relationship split. ANI

Asteroid with potential power of 15 atomic bombs to pass moon's orbit tonight
An asteroid with potential power of 15 atomic bombs will make its closest approach to Earth on Friday night when it passes just outside the orbit of the moon. ANI

Why does a moving bicycle not fall over?
Scientists have shed a new light on a century-long question on why given sufficient forward speed, a bicycle pushed sideways, will not fall over. ANI

Some dinosaurs 'did most of their hunting at night'
Stephen Spielberg's 'Jurassic Park' may have been right in depicting that the dinosaurs hunted in the night too. ANI

Retrofitting buildings with carbon fiber may protect them from terrorist attack
A researcher at the University of Missouri may have discovered a way to protect buildings from a terrorist attack - retrofit buildings with carbon fiber. ANI

Historical context, not the brain, drives language development: Study
It's widely thought that word-order develops in accordance with a set of universal rules, applicable to all languages. ANI

Botox 'can alleviate severe spinal headaches'
A new study has claimed that Botox could be instrumental in relieving terrible spinal headaches. ANI

Vaccine that stops all tumours in their tracks to be available by 2013-end
A 'universal' vaccine, which is part of a new generation of drugs that use the body's own defences to fight the disease, stopping tumours in their tracks, could be available in just two years. ANI

Parents' 'um's' and 'uh's' help kids learn new words
A study conducted at the University of Rochester's Baby Lab has good news for parents who are worried that they are setting a bad example for their children when they say "um" and "uh." ANI

Human language may have originated in Africa
Wondering where did humanity utter its first words? Sub-Saharan Africa. ANI

Wikipedia 'a good source for political info'
Wikipedia has become a reliable source for political information, according to a new study. ANI

Glial brain cells that regulate circadian rhythms identified
A study has found that a group of glial brain cells called astrocytes regulate the circadian system that controls normal sleep patterns. ANI

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