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Technology News on April 11, 2011

US scientists grow cold-causing virus on sinus tissue
Scientists have managed to grow a recently discovered species of human rhinovirus (HRV), the most frequent cause of the common cold, in culture, on sinus tissue removed during surgery. ANI

New genetic study helps solve Darwin's mystery of evolution of flowering plants
A new study has suggested the evolution and diversification of the more than 300,000 living species of flowering plants may have been "jump started" much earlier than previously calculated. ANI

Oz Internet users now take up 'media multi-tasking'
A survey has found that Australians are now into "media multi-tasking" with more than half revealing they use the Internet while also watching television. ANI

Viral infection likely to encourage pneumonia spread: Study
Bacteria that cause pneumonia and meningitis are only able to spread when individuals are infected with flu, according to a new study. ANI

How interferon-induced genes launch antiviral defenses
A team of researchers, led by scientists from Rockefeller University, for the first time has carried out a comprehensive, systematic evaluation of the antiviral activity of interferon-induced factors. ANI

Ozone-enriched environments reduce fungal spoilage of fruits, vegetables
A scientists has said that storing fruits and vegetables in ozone-enriched environments reduces spoilage. ANI

Warming Antarctic 'caused by rising Pacific temperatures'
Researchers have found why continental West Antarctica has steadily warmed for at least 30 years. ANI

Heavy drinking during pregnancy 'ups premature birth risk'
Previous studies have linked alcohol consumption during pregnancy to an increased risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and low birth weight. ANI

Smartphones 'undermining parental tabs on kids' Internet use'
A new study has suggested that although parents want their children to have a mobile phone for safety and social reasons, they now realise it leaves them powerless to stop access to inappropriate Internet sites, including pornography. ANI

Drugs combo 'yields up to nearly 10 pc weight loss'
A new study, led by an Indian-origin scientist at the Duke University Medical Center, has found that an investigational combination of drugs already approved to treat obesity, migraine and epilepsy produced up to a 10 percent weight loss in obese individuals participating in a one-year clinical trial. ANI

Falling church attendance? Blame it on higher life expectancy!
Researchers have suggested that churches will continue to attract older congregations because increasing life expectancy tend to discourage religious participation until later in life. ANI

How merging black holes go on a rampage of star-eating
A new research indicates that when two galaxies collide, it causes the black holes at their cores to spiral toward each other, merge, then go on a rampage of star-eating. ANI

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