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Technology News on April 1, 2011

'Cot deaths' linked to poor control of breathing and swallowing
Scientists from the Macquarie University in Sydney are one step closer to unearthing mysteries of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as 'cot death'. ANI

Recycled Island to be built from Pacific's floating plastic debris
A Dutch architect has announced plans to build a Recycled Island that is sustainable and floats using the plastic debris collected from the Pacific. ANI

Oz's first bionic eye a step closer to reality
Australia's first bionic eye is a step closer to reality after scientists developed a microchip to be inserted into the retina of vision-impaired patients. ANI

Why it is difficult to produce large numbers of same type cells in lab
Researchers have provided another piece in the puzzle of why it can be so hard to produce large numbers of the same type of cell in the lab - a process that is vital for scaling up stem cell production for therapeutic use. ANI

New therapeutic target for lung cancer identified
Researchers at the Seoul National University have discovered a new therapeutic target for lung cancer. ANI

Micro-RNA that regulates insulin in obesity identified
Body weight influences the risk of developing diabetes and short ribonucleic acid molecules, known as micro-RNAs, appear to play an important role in this mechanism, according to a new study. ANI

DNA damage can help protect the body from infection
Researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences have offered the first evidence that DNA damage can lead to the regulation of inflammatory responses, the body's reaction to injury. ANI

Novel nanowires to make fuel cells more durable and efficient
Engineers at the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science have created a new fuel cell catalyst system using nanowires made of a novel material that boosts long-term performance by 2.4 times compared to today's technology. ANI

Repulsive smell could fight bed bug infestation in homes
A Swedish study has found that repulsive smells could help in combating bed bug infestation in homes. ANI

Teens with severe antisocial behavior have smaller brain structures
Scientists after scanning brains of aggressive and antisocial teenage boys with conduct disorder (CD) have discovered differences in the structures of the developing brain that could link to their behavior problems. ANI

Different genes behind smoking risk in adolescence and adulthood
Scientists have found that different sets of genes are implicated in the risk for smoking addiction in adolescence and adulthood. ANI

20-year-long study finds prostate cancer screening doesn't cut death risk
A 20-year-long study has found that screening men for prostate cancer does not significantly reduce deaths from the disease, but increases the risk of treating many people unnecessarily. ANI

Fruit fly's response to starvation could help regulate human appetite
A new study has identified the molecular mechanisms triggered by starvation in fruit flies that enhance the nervous system's response to smell, and which could help regulate human appetites. ANI

Earth's gravity is potato shaped, not spherical!
The shape of the Earth's gravity is not like a sphere but a potato, according to the most accurate map of the Earth's gravity ever produced.he new data is expected to improve our understanding of how the Earth works and improve predictions regarding the impacts of climate change. ANI

Blame your mum for your high BP
A research has suggested that a specific genetic defect in one Chinese family have shown that high blood pressure was inherited from the female parent. ANI

Human activities putting Antarctica's marine ecosystems under threat
The native fauna and unique ecology of the Southern Ocean, the vast body of water around the Antarctic continent, is under threat from human activity, according to a team of scientists in the United Kingdom and the United States. ANI

Engineered protein prevents AIDS virus from entering cells
Scientists have engineered a new protein that prevents AIDS virus from entering cells. ANI

New drug target for inflammatory bowel disease found
Scientists have identified IL-23, a cytokine used by the immune system to ward off disease, as a major contributor to the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). ANI

Indian origin scientists find immune therapy could control mammals' fertility
Two Indian origin scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College have found that it is possible to immunize mammals to control fertility. ANI

Brain can rotate letters and words reflected in the mirror
A team of scientists from the Basque Centre on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL) has shown for the first time that the human brain can mentally rotate words reflected in a mirror around and understand them automatically and unconsciously, at least for a few instants. ANI

3 square meals a day with lean protein help curb hunger for weight loss
A new research has suggested that eating fewer, regular-sized meals with higher amounts of lean protein can make one feel more full than eating smaller, more frequent meals. ANI

Vaccine to treat cat allergy developed
Researchers at McMaster University have developed a new vaccine that could successfully treat cat allergies, promising relief to those who suffer from itching, watering eyes and sneezing. ANI

Indian-origin scientist's software transfers files by just touching screens
Transferring files from one computer to another is a major pain. ANI

Scientists identify long lost cousin of T. rex in China
Scientists have identified a new species of gigantic theropod dinosaur, said to be a close relative of T. rex, from fossil skull and jawbones discovered in China. ANI

Outer tree canopy leaves 'change shape to let inner ones get sunlight'
A new study has found that outer tree canopy leaves influence the sunlight reaching inner canopy leaves by changing their shape. ANI

Resistance exercise builds muscle, ups strength among older adults
Getting older does not mean giving up muscle strength, for the experts at the University of Michigan Health System have indicated that not only can adults fight the battle of strength and muscle loss that comes with age, but the Golden Years can also be a time to get stronger. ANI

Promising target for AIDS vaccine identified
A new research by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists have indicated that a section of the AIDS virus's protein envelope once considered an improbable target for a vaccine now appears to be one of the most promising. ANI

Past comet collisions 'left ripples in Jupiter and Saturn rings'
The rings of Jupiter and Saturn contain ripples caused by comets that hit them decades ago, according to data from NASA's Cassini, Galileo and New Horizons missions. ANI

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