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Technology News for October 8, 2010
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Study to find whether leptin helps type 1 diabetic patients
To determine whether adding the hormone leptin to standard insulin therapy might help rein in the tumultuous blood-sugar levels of people with type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes, a clinical trial at UT Southwestern Medical Center is being carried out. ANI

Why deaf have 'super vision'
Researchers have found reasons for the enhanced abilities in the remaining senses of deaf people. ANI

Tsunami risk higher than expected in LA, other major cities
A new study has revealed that the risk of destructive tsunamis is in places such as Kingston, Istanbul, and Los Angeles. ANI

Technology News for October 8, 2010

Kids with chronic illness, disability vulnerable to bullying
A new study has revealed that adolescent students with a disability or chronic illness are more likely to be victims of bullying from their peers at school. ANI

Cyber threats forecast for 2011 released
A new report has outlined the top three areas of security risk and concern for consumer and business Internet and computer users. ANI

Genes X-ray brings 'personalized medicine' closer to reality
Scientists have taken a step ahead in personalized medicine with a machine that reads the human genome and its expression. ANI

GM corn helps protect non-engineered cousins: Study
In a new study, scientists have suggested that genetically engineered corn provides significant economic benefits even to neighbouring farmers who grow non-transgenic varieties of corn. ANI

Melanoma spreads to lungs using body's immune system
A new study has suggested that tracing the way melanoma cells use the immune system to spread and develop into lung tumours may lead to a therapy to decrease development of these tumours. ANI

'Walking' properties of bacteria discovered
Researchers have discovered that bacteria are capable of standing up and moving while vertical. ANI

New deep-sea hot springs found in the Atlantic
Scientists have discovered a new hydrothermal vent 500 kilometres southwest of the Azores. ANI

Saturn's largest moon is a reservoir of life ingredients
By simulating possible chemical processes in the atmosphere of Titan, Saturns largest moon, researchers have shown the synthesis of complex organic compounds, such as amino acids and nucleotide bases, which are the basic building blocks of life on Earth. ANI

New book questions the veracity of Apocalypse Calendar
A new book has challenged the accuracy of the Maya calendar, including the 2012 prophecy and other historical dates. ANI

Now, an exoskeleton that helps the paralysed walk again
A new exoskeleton, called eLEGS, could soon help people with spinal injuries walk with a natural gait, found a new study. ANI

How stem cells shape up to their surroundings
Engineering the topography on which stem cells grow, and the mechanical forces working on them, can act as a powerful agent for change as their chemical environment, found a new study. ANI

Conversion of waste vegetable oil into biodiesel simplified
Two chemists at Brown University have streamlined the conversion of waste vegetable oil into biodiesel, eliminating the need for corrosive chemicals to perform the reactions. ANI

Large-scale crop failures to increase under climate change, finds study
A new study has shown that large-scale crop failures like the one that caused the recent Russian wheat crisis are likely to become more common under climate change due to an increased frequency of extreme weather events. ANI

Tinnitus common among elderly: Study
A new research has revealed that Tinnitus is common among elderly Nigerians and a*sociated with treatable health conditions like otitis media, rhinosinusitis, head injury and hypertension. ANI

Hubble astronomers discover an overheated early universe
Scientists discovered have that quasars-the brilliant core of active galaxies-emitted ma*sive blasts of radiation in the early Universe, essentially delaying the growth of dwarf galaxies by as much as 500 million years. ANI

Loss of cell powerhouses linked to Parkinson's
Scientists have bolstered the link between Parkinsons disease and the loss of cellular powerhouses called mitochondria after conducting a painstaking analysis of more than 400 brain tissue samples. ANI

ESA's Venus Express explores planet's poisonous atmosphere
ESAs Venus Express has flown through the upper reaches of Venus poisonous atmosphere with an aim of measuring the density of the upper polar atmosphere, an experiment that had never been attempted before at Venus. ANI

Stronger Sun 'makes Earth cool, not hot'
Contrary to the belief that an increase in solar activity from the Sun heats up Earth too, scientists have found that its quite the opposite. ANI

Bacteria linked to asthma attacks in children
Scientists at the Danish Paediatric Asthma Centre (DPAC) at the University of Copenhagen and Gentofte Hospital have discovered that bacterial infections can cause asthma attacks. ANI

Female fish fan out fins to attract a mate
Scientists have for the first time described the evolution of the size of a female trait that males prefer when choosing a partner. ANI

Discovery of protein structure may aid fight against HIV, cancer
Scientists have determined the three-dimensional structure of a molecule involved in HIV infection and in many forms of cancer. ANI

Each pack of cigarettes actually costs more than 100 euros
A new research has revealed that each pack of cigarettes really costs 107 euros for men and 75 euros for women, when premature death is taken into account. ANI

Thinking about time will inspire you to be with loved ones
Thinking about time will inspire you to spend more time with people you like, while thinking about work would fill your life with more work, found a new study. ANI

New study predicts end of world within 3.7bn years
In a new study, researchers have suggested that the universe and everything in it could end within the Earths lifespan - less than 3.7 billion years from now - and we wont know it when it happens. ANI

Ecosystems overloaded with nitrogen, courtesy humans
A new study has revealed that humans are overloading ecosystems with nitrogen through the burning of fossil fuels and an increase in nitrogen-producing industrial and agricultural activities. ANI

Marine researchers call for international effort to save coral reefs
Leading marine researchers say that there is still time to save the worlds ailing coral reefs, if prompt and decisive action can be taken to improve their overall health. ANI

Fossil discovery of new strong-handed dinosaur to change past notions
Scientists have discovered fossils of an intriguing new species of dinosaur that had a powerful hand- a feat that could reveal an edgier side of some supposedly peaceful, plant-munching dinosaurs, says a new study. ANI

Dense bbs linked to breast cancer return
Patients with a very early form of breast cancer (ductal carcinoma in situ or DCIS) who have higher mammographic density may be at increased risk for subsequent breast cancer, especially in the breast opposite to the one with the initial cancer, says a new research. ANI

Neural responses indicate our willingness to help the person in need
Researchers at the University of Zurich have discovered that witnessing a person from our own group or an outsider suffer pain causes neural responses in two very different regions of the brain. And, the specific region activated reveals whether or not we will help the person in need. ANI

Childhood hardship may lead to unhealthy stress response later in life
A new research has shown that seemingly healthy adults, if they were abused or neglected during childhood, have an elevated inflammatory response to stress compared to adults who had happier childhoods. ANI

US study finds smoking, ADHD link
A new research has found that children exposed to tobacco smoke in their homes suffer higher rates of ADHD and stuttering. ANI

Ultrasound 'accelerates healing of fractures'
A new report has suggested that ultrasound can speed up the healing of fractures. ANI

Childhood asthma curbs smoking in adolescence
A new study from Italy has discovered that boys who suffer from asthma are less likely to smoke as teenagers. ANI

First dynamic model 'to explain' mystery of Mount Etna
The first dynamic model to explain the mystery of the largest and most fascinating volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, has been developed. ANI

Now, get yourself your dream body, but only in your movie
Dont like the way you look on video? Well, you can now manipulate the images to look better-thanks to a new kind of software. ANI

Cheek swab may spot lung cancer
Scientists have developed a method to detect early signs of lung cancer by examining cheek cells in humans using pioneering biophotonics technology. ANI

Functional artificial pancreatic tissue offers new hope to diabetics
Researchers have found a completely new way of controlling insulin dependent diabetes without daily injections of insulin. ANI

Water ice on asteroids may be more common than expected
Scientists who made national headlines in April for showing the first evidence of water ice and organic molecules on an asteroid have now discovered that asteroid 65 Cybele contains the same material. ANI

Women really do sweat far less than men
The adage men perspire, women glow seems to be correct, for a new study has shown that men are much more efficient at sweating than women. ANI

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