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Technology News for October 5, 2010
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Study to find whether leptin helps type 1 diabetic patients
To determine whether adding the hormone leptin to standard insulin therapy might help rein in the tumultuous blood-sugar levels of people with type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes, a clinical trial at UT Southwestern Medical Center is being carried out. ANI

Why deaf have 'super vision'
Researchers have found reasons for the enhanced abilities in the remaining senses of deaf people. ANI

Tsunami risk higher than expected in LA, other major cities
A new study has revealed that the risk of destructive tsunamis is in places such as Kingston, Istanbul, and Los Angeles. ANI

Technology News for October 5, 2010

Archaeologists seeking ancient booty dive to Blackbeard's pirate ship
Archaeologists are once again heading back to the sea off North Carolinas coast in a continuing effort to recover artefacts from the wreck believed to be Blackbeards flagship. ANI

Russell Brand wants 'mundane' wedding with Katy Perry
Russell Brand has said that he wants his wedding with Katy Perry this month to be as mundane and normal as possible and has urged guests not to expect an extravagant ceremony. ANI

Almost one-third of Aussies use their mobile phones on toilet
A survey has revealed that almost one third of Australians, who have mobile phones with Internet connections, even use it while they are on the toilet. ANI

Curvy women 'live longer'
A heavy rear can guarantee your chances of living longer, says a new study. ANI

Possible biomarker to identify seizure-related stress found
A new research has found that reduced levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)-a protein in the brain that encourages growth of neurons-may be a trait marker for individuals with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES). ANI

Cell that suppresses immune system discovered
Scientists have identified a new type of cell in mice that dampens the immune system and protects the animals own cells from immune system attack. ANI

Maternal influenza vaccination linked to flu protection in infants
Infants whose mothers receive influenza vaccines during pregnancy are less likely to be infected with flu or hospitalised for respiratory illnesses in their first six months of life, suggests a new study. ANI

Scientists pinpoint alarming increase in flow of fresh water into oceans
In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have found that freshwater is flowing into Earths oceans in greater amounts every year, thanks to more frequent and extreme storms linked to global warming. ANI

Mechanism behind addictions and some forms of obesity discovered
A researcher at the University of Alberta have uncovered a mechanism underlying some forms of obesity and addictions, which could lead to a treatment for both diseases. ANI

New therapeutic target for some breast cancers discovered
Scientists have discovered a new therapeutic target for some breast cancers. ANI

New research holds promise for development of novel osteoporosis drug
Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered a group of substances in the body that play a key role in controlling bone density. ANI

ADHD in childhood linked to depression in adolescence
A new study has found that young children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at greater risk for adolescent depression and/or suicide attempts five to 13 years after diagnosis. ANI

X-rays may increase childhood leukemia risk
A new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeleys School of Public Health has revealed that diagnostic X-rays may increase the risk of developing childhood leukemia. ANI

Scientists a step closer to 100pc lead-free electronics
A new research by materials engineers from the University of Leeds has paved the way for 100 pc lead-free electronics. ANI

Vicious cycle of overeating and obesity unraveled
In a bid to uncover why obese people tend to overeat, researchers have found evidence of the vicious cycle created when an obese individual overeats to compensate for reduced pleasure from food. ANI

1st marine Census shows richer, more diverse ocean life than thought
2,700 scientists from 80 nations have reported the first marine life Census after a 10-year exploration. ANI

Differences in teen drunkenness declining across cultures, genders
In the last 10 years, cultural and gender-based differences in the frequency of drunkenness among adolescents have declined, reports a new study. ANI

Comparing Indian and classical singing could help find speech disorder cure
By comparing Hindustani singing, a North Indian traditional style of singing, and classical singing, such as the music of Puccini, Mozart and Wagner, researchers at the University of Missouri hopes of finding a treatment for a speech disorder called laryngeal tremors. ANI

Rosetta performs close fly-by at asteroid (21) Lutetia
The International Rosetta Mission performed a successful close fly-by at the main-belt asteroid (21) Lutetia on 10 July 2010. ANI

Supercomputer simulations offer insights into the origin of life
Scientists are using supercomputer simulations at the Department of Energys Oak Ridge National Laboratory to unravel how nucleic acids could have contributed to the origins of life. ANI

Microsoft's LightSpace technology to revolutionise PowerPoint
Microsofts LightSpace technology is set to take the digital world by storm - by allowing you to touch and play with light - it will ensure that slide presentations are no more a drab affair. ANI

How you are primed to become a typical girl or boy since pre-school
Ever wondered why wearing pink, having long tresses and keeping a check on your make-up every now and then make people categorise you as a typical girl? Well, now a thesis from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, has found how gender is created during everyday life at preschool. ANI

Filming embryos could double chances of IVF success
A new screening technique can double the chances of IVF success by filming the first 48 hours of an embryos development and pinpoints, which embryos will continue to develop healthily. ANI

Scratched glasses to provide perfect vision for any eyesight
A researcher at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel has created the perfect glasses - whose lenses allow you to see clearly regardless of how long or short-sighted you are. ANI

Transgenic cassava roots could address vitamin A deficiency
A natural variation shows promise for increasing provitamin A in cassava roots using transgenic or conventional methods. ANI

Inflammation post injury 'helps to heal damaged muscle tissue'
New research shows that inflammation actually helps to heal damaged muscle tissue, turning conventional wisdom on its head that inflammation must be largely controlled to encourage healing. ANI

Fossil discovery indicates retreating glaciers boosted biodiversity
Researchers at the Christian-Albrechts- Universitat zu Kiel (CAU) showed that biodiversity decreases towards the poles almost everywhere in the world, except along the South American Pacific coast. ANI

German masculine language forms express distance and distaste
A new thesis from the University of Gothenburg reveals that masculine language forms in German are used to express distance and distaste. ANI

Now, jewellery that whispers in the ear!
Forget whispering sweet nothings into your lovers ear, for a piece of jewellery does it literally. ANI

Family-based treatment 'better for teens with anorexia'
Family based treatments are likely to work better in treating anorexia nervosa in teens, suggests a new study. ANI

Deep brain stimulation shows promise for OCD
A new study has suggested that using electrodes to stimulate areas deep within the brain are likely to be an alternative therapy for patients with obsessive compulsive disorder that is resistant to treatment. ANI

Well-matched couples mimic each other's language
Want to find out whether your relationship will last? Well, then pay very close attention to how your partner speaks. ANI

Happiness not just gene deep
A German study has challenged the idea that happiness is a genetic trait influenced by early life experiences, and found that feelings of happiness and well being respond to external factors such as healthy lifestyle, religion and working hours. ANI

Key ingredient makes marijuana cause memory loss
While cannabis has long been associated with poor short-term memory, researchers have found that it is a particular strain that determines its effects on the brain. ANI

Abdomen weight gain ups metabolic disease risk, while thigh weight lowers it
By using ice cream, candy bars and energy drinks to help volunteers gain weight, researchers have found that increased abdominal fat seems to heighten risk for metabolic disease, while fat expansion in the lower body-as in the thighs-seems to lower the risk. ANI

Melts-on-tongue 'wafer' can work 'faster' than Va
A wafer that melts on the tongue could be the new way to help impotent men. ANI

Coral reefs discovered in Mediterranean for the first time
Experts from the University of Haifas Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences discovered for the first time an area of reefs with deep-sea corals in the Mediterranean, offshore of Israel. ANI

750,000 undiscovered species beneath the waves: study
In a decade long first census of marine life, it has been revealed that the worlds oceans are teeming with far greater diversity of life than was previously thought. ANI

World's first 3D TV that doesn't require glasses hits the market
Toshiba has unveiled the worlds first 3D television that doesnt require glasses. ANI

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