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Technology News on October 30, 2010

'Walking corpse syndrome' makes people think they're zombies
Most of us have only seen zombies in a horror flick or at a Halloween bash, but for some it's a real idea and a way of life - they're victims of an uncommon neuropsychiatric disorder known as Cotard delusion, or walking corpse syndrome. ANI

Study sheds light on 'modern concerns' of the ancient world
A new study has shed light on an ancient world with surprisingly modern concerns: including hoped-for medical cures, religious confusion and the need for financial safeguards. ANI

Researchers 'watch' formation of cells' protein factories for first time
The Scripps Research Institute's team has revealed the first-ever pictures of the formation of cells' "protein factories," which is likely unravel complexities of the cell and lead to new antibiotics and disease treatments. ANI

Superstitious beliefs more common than thought
It seems ghosts, goblins and other spooky characters have more believers than ever before-as superstitions are becoming more common than you might think. ANI

Mass Effect 2 wins 'game of year' gong at Golden Joystick awards
Action role-playing game Mass Effect 2 has won the ultimate game of the year prize at the Golden Joystick awards. ANI

China breeds first genetically engineered monkey
Chinese scientists said that they have bred the country's first genetically engineered rhesus monkey, which could lead to development of cures for diseases ranging from cancer to Alzheimer's. ANI

Ancient English cemetery of 'exotic headless Romans' found in York
Archaeologists have stumbled upon an ancient English cemetery in York, which is filled with headless skeletons, some of which belong to 'exotic' locations. ANI

Study sheds light on mysterious eel-like creatures that lived before dinos
A new study has shed light on conodonts - a species of eel-like creatures that lived even before dinosaurs - and according to scientists, ate like the creature did in the movie "Alien." ANI

How 5000-yr-old Neolithic men painted their homes
A new research has revealed that our ancestors from 5,000 years ago painted their homes to brighten up their places too. ANI

Unplanned pregnancies more common in women with anorexia nervosa
Women with anorexia nervosa are much more likely to have both unplanned pregnancies and induced abortions than women who don't have the serious eating disorder, according to a new study. ANI

Co-founder of YouTube steps down as CEO
The co-founder of YouTube, world's largest video-sharing website, Clad Hurley, has terminated his stint as the website's CEO. ANI

Scientists grow miniature liver using human cells
Scientists at the University of Wake Forest have grown a miniature liver-only an inch in diameter-using human cells. ANI

Efforts to beat malaria may backfire, says experts
Efforts to wipe out malaria in some countries may be counter-productive, suggests an international team of researchers. ANI

Math, maps used to plot malaria elimination plan
With the help of mathematical models and maps, two University of Florida researchers have estimated the feasibility of eliminating malaria from countries that have the deadliest form of the disease. ANI

Is El Nino causing ice to melt at the South Pole?
Scientists at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences believe that the climate phenomenon El Nino may be causing ice at the South Pole to melt. ANI

'Space mice' may pave way to help keep humans fit in space
On its last flight, Discovery will not just carry astronauts, but 16 rodent passengers too. ANI

Islands flanking Mississippi 'might vanish' due to oil spill, sea level rise
Researchers have warned that the islands flanking the Mississippi river might entirely disappear in the coming decades not only due to sea level rise and local subsidence but also because of unknown impacts from oil recovery operations. ANI

Frozen piles of CO2 on Mars may trigger avalanches
Images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have revealed that mysterious gullies are forming on Mars as a result of frozen carbon dioxide that's piling up on Martian dunes. ANI

Apple iPhone sales outshine BlackBerry: Report
Apple's iPhone range has outdone BlackBerry, as one of the world's biggest mobile phone companies, new figures have suggested. ANI

Universe to end in 5 billion years, predict scientists
Right around the time when Sun is slated to die, the universe too would come to an end-in just five billion years-a new study has predicted. ANI

Gene that helps fish 'disappear' discovered
Scientists have discovered a new member of a gene family that has powerful influences on pigmentation and the regulation of body weight. ANI

'Bolt from deep blue' may have sparked life on Earth
Scientists at the University of Tokyo in Japan have suggested that a bolt from the deep blue seas may have sparked life on Earth. ANI

Children with pushy parents 'do better at school'
A new study has suggested that children with pushy parents are likely to do better at school. ANI

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