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Technology News on October 29, 2010

Facebook page commending drink driving has 20,000 fans
A Facebook page that extols people who drink and drive has left the police in Australia shocked. ANI

Researchers unearth ancient water secrets at royal garden dig
Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient royal garden- which dates back to the 7th century B.C.-at the site of Ramat Rachel near Jerusalem. ANI

Two-sided immune cell could be harnessed to shrink tumours: Study
A new study has shown that a recently identified immune cell that directs other cells to fight infection plays a critical role in regulating the immune system in both health and disease. ANI

Potential new treatment for deadly nipah, hendra viruses identified
Scientists have identified a potential new treatment for the Nipah and Hendra viruses, two lethal and emerging viruses for which there is currently no treatment or vaccine available. ANI

Genetic variants may affect breast cancer risk in women with BRCA2 mutations
A new study has identified genetic variants in women with BRCA2 mutations that may increase or decrease their risk of developing breast cancer. ANI

Scientists reveal cancer's hiding spots
Scientists have discovered that a small number of cancer cells manage to escape chemotherapy by hiding out in the thymus, an organ where immune cells mature. ANI

Driverless electric vans travel successfully from Italy to China
Four electric vans that were driverless and which did not have maps have successfully made a 13,000-kilometre test drive from Italy to China. ANI

Scientists make second critical advance in muscular dystrophy research
Scientists have made a second critical advance in determining the cause of a common form of muscular dystrophy known as facioscapulohumeral dystrophy, or FSHD. ANI

Low birth weight linked to poor growth rate in kids with kidney disease
A new study has shown that the lower the birth weight, the greater are the chances of poor growth rate in children with chronic kidney disease (CKD). ANI

New system for monitoring electricity consumption
Pittsburgh researchers say that a new monitoring system to show how much electricity residents are consuming may soon be available. ANI

Wireless 'body-to-body networks' can revolutionize mobile communication
If every human being were to carry with him or her, a wearable sensor, they could communicate with each other to create potentially vast body-to-body networks (BBNs), forming the backbone of powerful new mobile Internet networks. ANI

250-bn-yr-old Siberian volcanism 'may have caused The Great Dying'
University of Cincinnati geologists have found what led to 'The Great Dying' - the sudden death of around 90 percent of all living species 250 million years ago at the end of the Permian period. ANI

Trapped NASA Mars Rover finds more evidence of water on 'Red Planet'
The presence of water on Mars has become more evident, suggests a new NASA finding. ANI

Like humans, chimps too prefer using their right hands
A new study by Spanish scientists has revealed that humans are not the only species to prefer to use their right hand-chimpanzees also share the trait. ANI

Earth-size planets 'prevalent' in our Milky Way galaxy
A new study funded by NASA and the University of California has revealed that nearly one in four stars similar to the Sun may host planets as small as Earth. ANI

Now, a blood test to spot ectopic pregnancy
Scientists are developing a blood test for ectopic pregnancies, which could help save the fertility of thousands of women. ANI

Child-mother interactions study to pave for robots with social skills
Researchers are studying infant-mother interactions and working to implement their findings in a baby robot capable of learning social skills. ANI

Getting older 'leads to emotional stability, happiness'
Some of us moan and groan at the idea of getting older, but a new Stanford study suggests that aging could be a positive thing after all. ANI

Two people can learn to cooperate with each other intuitively: Study
A new study has found that two people can learn to co-operate with each other intuitively, without communication or any conscious intention to co-operate. ANI

First complete remains of dinosaur's ancestor found in China
For the first time, scientists have discovered the complete remains of a pivotal ancestor of Earth's largest land animals - the sauropod dinosaurs, in China. ANI

Art of making tools 55,000 years older than previously thought
For a long time, it was thought that the art of shaping stones into sharp-edged points originated about 20,000 years ago, but a new study has revealed that it may in fact, have started around 75,000 years ago. ANI

Smokers 'more likely to be impulsive, indecisive'
A new study has revealed that people who smoke are more likely to be impulsive and indecisive than those who have never smoked in their life. ANI

Study on insulin-creating cell may lead to better diabetes treatment
A new study has revealed that beta cells-responsible for making insulin in the human body-do not replicate after the age of 30, indicating that scientists are closer to advancements in diabetes treatment. ANI

Dementia drug could be 'within our grasp', say Oz scientists
Australian scientists say that a drug treatment that could slow the onset of certain types of dementia could be 'within our grasp'. ANI

Hands can detect typos even when the mind doesn't: Study
For professional typists, the act of typing is almost an automaton and now a new study reveals why. ANI

Smallest electric engine could power future nanomachines
Scientists at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have designed a blueprint for the smallest electric engine ever that could eventually drive tiny conveyor belts or pumps in future nanomachines. ANI

5 risk factors for late-stage head and neck cancer identified
Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit say that developing a molecular fingerprint for head and neck cancer tumors could help improve diagnosis and treatment for this deadly and often-times disfiguring form of cancer. ANI

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