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Technology News on October 28, 2010

Child abuse victims 'more prone to post-traumatic stress disorder'
A new study has found that victims of child abuse, who blame themselves and their families for their situation, experience higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder. ANI

New discovery may lead to novel treatments for a variety of cancers
Scientists have discovered that the overproduction of a key protein in stem cells causes those stem cells to form cancerous tumors. Their work may lead to new treatments for a variety of cancers. ANI

Exposure to plastics chemical linked to reduced semen quality
A Kaiser Permanente study found that increasing urine BPA (Bisphenol-A) level was significantly associated with decreased sperm concentration, decreased total sperm count, decreased sperm vitality and decreased sperm motility. ANI

Most preschool-age children exceed daily screen time recommendations
A new study suggests most preschool-age children exceed daily screen time recommendations. ANI

Assassin bugs lure spiders by mimicking prey caught in webs
Scientists from Macquarie University, Australia, have discovered that a species of insect lures spiders by mimicking prey caught in webs. ANI

'Smart' lung cancer drug shows promise
Physician-scientists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute recently found that a new oral drug caused dramatic shrinkage of a patient's rare, aggressive form of soft-tissue cancer that was driven by an abnormally activated protein. ANI

Scientists raise concerns about 'healthful' plant-based antioxidants' safety
Scientists have raised concerns about the safety of 'healthful' plant-based antioxidants', including those renowned for their apparent ability to prevent cancer. ANI

Mind control over computers may soon be possible
A new study has shown that it is possible to manipulate complex visual images on a computer screen using only the mind. ANI

Each of us carries up to 100 of the genes linked to cancer, diabetes: Study
A new study has found that each of us carries up to 100 of the genes responsible for diseases such as cancer and diabetes. ANI

NASA's 'Hundred Years Starship' 'to take you to Mars but never return'
NASA is planning a one-way mission to Mars in a program called 'Hundred Years Starship' in which, a manned spacecraft will take astronauts to Mars and leave them there forever. ANI

NASA's Artemis mission to shed light on Moon's space environment
Two micro satellites launched into the Earth's orbit by NASA in 2007 have now been redirected towards new orbits around the Moon to study its space environment in more detail. ANI

Women in their 20s 'should freeze ovaries to boost pregnancy chances'
A fertility expert has claimed that women in their 20s should freeze their ovaries if they want to conceive later in life. ANI

'Speed gun' for Earth's insides developed
University of Bristol's scientists have claimed that they have developed a seismological 'speed gun' for the inside of the Earth and this technique will enable them to measure the way the Earth's deep interior slowly moves around. ANI

Action 'needed to save archaeological sites threatened by rising seas'
Scientists have issued call to action for archaeological sites threatened by rising seas. ANI

The secret behind cone snail's venom pump discovered
The secret of how an amazing sea snail injects its venom after shooting a harpoon-like tooth into its prey - or some unlucky swimmer - at jetliner speeds has been discovered by scientists. ANI

Device that reads and interprets your dreams may soon be a reality
A US researcher has claimed that the day may not be far when it would be possible to read people's dreams and interpret them. ANI

Buckyballs much more common and abundant in universe than thought
Using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered bucket loads of buckyballs in space. ANI

Deep freeze may have spawned complex life on Earth
The rise of complex life on Earth may have been given a boost by a spike in ancient marine phosphorus concentrations from 750 to 635 million years ago, University of California, Riverside, researchers say. ANI

Cheap reading glasses 'can cost you your eyesight'
New research suggests that cheap reading glasses might be readily available, but in the long term they can cost you your eyesight. ANI

High-tech 'Sugru' putty 'an emergency fix for anything in the house'
Sugru - a sort of magic plasticine - is being hailed as the universal emergency fix for anything broken around the house - from a leaking tap to a broken shelf. ANI

New Android app lets you spy on lover's text messages!
Suspicious that your better half is cheating on you? You can find out for sure, provided they have an android phone. ANI

Tobacco's content of toxic nicotine 'makes it an excellent green pesticide'
Scientists are searching for new uses of tobacco and one potential use they have found is its use as a natural pesticide, due to tobacco's content of toxic nicotine. ANI

Brain hyperactivity 'responsible for involuntary flashbacks'
Researchers from Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the University of Minnesota have revealed that increased circuit activity in the right side of the brain causes involuntary flashbacks in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) sufferers. ANI

Why thinking of Marilyn Monroe might light up our brain
A US researcher has claimed that the day may not be far when it would be possible to read people's dreams and interpret them. ANI

Human ancestors 'colonized' Africa 39 mn yrs ago
An international team of scientists have said that anthropoids-the primate group that includes humans, apes, and monkeys-"colonized" Africa, rather than originally evolving in Africa. ANI

Sex differences in the brain 'exaggerated, forcing gender stereotypes'
Many studies have reported sex differences in brain structure or patterns of neural activity but a psychological scientist from the Macquarie University in Australia believes that these differences are overblown. ANI

'Gold bullet' to kill breast cancer cells on the anvil
Scientists from Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston, Texas, are developing a 'golden bullet' that will destroy breast cancer tumour cells. ANI

Most massive neutron star discovered
The discovery of the most massive neutron star could have wide-ranging impacts across several fields of physics and astrophysics. ANI

Gene that predisposes some people to have liberal outlook found
A new study has raised the possibility that taking a liberal stand in politics might be the result of carrying a certain gene. ANI

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