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Technology News on October 27, 2010

Portable breast scanner enables cancer detection 'in a second'
A new portable breast scanner could soon allow women to test themselves at home. ANI

Ice cream ad showing priests in 'seductive' pose banned
Just a month after being ordered to pull a campaign featuring a pregnant nun, an ice cream firm has been barred from using an ad featuring two priests about to kiss. ANI

Severe sepsis 'may lead to cognitive, functional disability in older adults'
A new study has revealed that older adults who survive severe sepsis are more likely to develop substantial cognitive impairment and functional disability. ANI

Eating a lot of saturated fat could damage your sperm: Study
New research by experts at Harvard Medical School in the US suggests that men who eat a lot of saturated fat could be damaging their sperm.he researchers found that men who consume lots of saturated fat and monounsaturated fat may have fewer sperm. ANI

Nighttime milk of cows may help insomniacs sleep
Drinking the nighttime milk of cows may help insomniacs fall asleep. ANI

At-home tests not best to assess infertility: Study
A new study has suggested that method used to assess infertility in at-home tests might not be the best for identifying which women will have trouble getting pregnant. ANI

NASA's new software boosts airline fuel efficiency
New software developed by NASA is enabling major fuel savings for airlines and an increase in environmental efficiency. ANI

Women still work double shifts, as men offer no help: Study
Irrespective of the increasing number of working women, most of the burden of the household chores still fall on them as men offer no help, a new study has suggested. ANI

Benefit of exercise in patients with hypertension insufficiently investigated
A new report has suggested that informative clinical studies are necessary to measure the implications of regular exercising on patients with increased blood pressure (hypertension). ANI

Mosquito monitoring saves lives as well as money
A new study has suggested that cutting surveillance for mosquito-borne diseases may lead to an increase in both the number of human cases and the health costs when a disease outbreak occurs. ANI

Breast milk ingredients critical for physiologic development in babies
A new study has suggested the levels of nitrite and nitrate in breast milk change during the initial days after birth to accommodate the changing physiologic requirements of developing babies. ANI

Oz scientists open new window on brain by investigating nose stem cells
Australian scientists have found that stem cells picked from deep within the nose are similar to the ones found in the brain. ANI

Elasticity in joints help ostriches run fast: Study
A new study has found that Ostriches-the fastest bird on the land-use tendons to store and return twice as much elastic energy per step than humans. ANI

Afternoon nap boosts energy levels in elderly, say experts
Experts have suggested that older people who struggle to get a good night's sleep should consider taking an afternoon nap. ANI

Water could play major role in graphene nanoelectronics
According to a new study by researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, water can be used to tune the band gap of the nanomaterial graphene, opening the door to new graphene-based transistors and nanoelectronics. ANI

'Starquakes' discovered by NASA spacecraft to revolutionize stellar study
NASA's Keplar spacecraft has discovered stellar oscillations, or 'starquakes,' that could provide new insights about the size, age and evolution of stars. ANI

Scientists predict future of globular cluster in Milky Way
Astronomers have used the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope to look thousands of years into the future. ANI

New snub-nosed monkey found in Northern Myanmar
Scientists have found a new species of monkey in Northern Myanmar (formerly Burma.) ANI

Clever crows go to parents' 'tool school'
A study has revealed that young New Caledonian crows learn to use tools by going to 'tool-school', where they can observe their parents at work. ANI

Security flaw found in Apple's latest iPhone
It seems Apple's latest iPhone is not that safe, for a security flaw has been found that allows strangers to bypass the handset's passcode-protected lock screen with a few button presses. ANI

Accurate facial-recognition goes mobile, courtesy new software
Scientists in the UK have come up with new software for mobile phones that can track your facial features in real-time. ANI

'Gender-bending' chemicals affect reproduction: Study
A new study has offered the first evidence that 'gender bending' chemicals which find their way from human products into rivers and oceans can have a significant impact on the ability of fish to breed. ANI

NASA's first ever human-like robot ready for space launch
NASA is preparing to launch Robonaut 2, the first human-like robot designed for use in space. ANI

Now, device that lets parents 'see the world through child's eyes'
University of Tsukuba researchers have created a device that will let parents see what their child is viewing, even when they are not together. ANI

Birds in the dino era pecked just like their modern counterparts
110 million-year-old rock fossils discovered recently by palaeontologists from the University of Kansas in Lawrence indicate that shorebirds from the dinosaur era shuffled and foraged just like today's birds. ANI

Traditional delivery for breech babies safer than C-section for mums
Researchers at Tel Aviv University have said that in certain circumstances, traditional vaginal delivery for breech babies is not only safe for baby, but for mothers too. ANI

A fifth of world's life at extinction risk: Report
A new report has suggested that an increasing numbers of birds, mammals and amphibians have moved closer to extinction in the last several decades-but not as far as they would have if no conservation measures at all had been enacted. ANI

Eggshells could help combat climate change, say Indian scientists
Indian researchers say that the food industry generates a lot of waste products, but one of these, eggshells, could help combat climate change. ANI

People who are blind perceive touch faster than those with normal vision
A new study suggests that people who are blind from birth are able to detect tactile information faster than people with normal vision. ANI

Yahoo Mail gets makeover after 5 yrs to catch up with Microsoft, Google
Yahoo has finally decided to revamp its email service in a bid to catch up with rivals Microsoft and Google - the company has decided to give its mail service a makeover after five years. ANI

3-D egg protein structure could pave way for new contraceptives
Scientists have determined the three dimensional structure of the egg protein that helps the sperm stick during fertilisation. ANI

Women stay away from math out of their own free choice
Ever wondered why there are such few women in math-intensive fields? Two psychological scientists at Cornell University believe women aren't innately poor at math; instead they choose to stay away from the subject. ANI

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