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Technology News on October 25, 2010

Bodily symptoms of anxiety may make a difference in treatment
A new study has suggested that levels of anxiety sensitivity are important in choosing medical treatment for patients with heart failure and atrial fibrillation (AF). ANI

Less fit marathoners prone to heart damage for 3 months after race
A team of researchers and runners from the Heart and Stroke Foundation has found that the magnitude of abnormal heart segments was more widespread and significant in a group of less fit runners. ANI

Measuring the cosmic distance using supernovae
A second class of supernovae may be used to measure the scale of the cosmos, providing an independent check on measurements that were first used more than a decade ago to discover the accelerating expansion of the Universe. ANI

Why leaves change colour in autumn
A scientist has come up with a new theory for why leaves change their colour and then drop from trees in autumn. ANI

Gene therapy can treat pulmonary hypertension: Study
A Heart and Stroke Foundation researcher has discovered that gene therapy could be useful in treating pulmonary hypertension. ANI

'Harassmap' technology to allow women report to harassment through Twitter
Women in Egypt who get leered at, or face other instances of sexual harassment can heave a sigh of relief. ANI

Synthetic DNA spray to keep burglars at bay
A new device that sprays burglars with synthetic DNA and allows police to track them down has been deployed in restaurants and offices in the UK. ANI

Oz researcher finds radical therapy to save MAS babies
A radical therapy to save newborn babies who may die from a birth complication caused by inhaling their own waste, has been unveiled by Australian researcher. ANI

NASA to lead global asteroid protection plan
NASA is set to play a leading role in protecting the world from the threat of a dangerous asteroid strike, it has emerged. ANI

Protein responsible for brain cells growth may lead to new antidepressants
A new study has suggested that a protein involved in the growth and development of brain cells could also play a role in depression and provide a possible target for antidepressants. ANI

Women can 'inherit breast cancer from mother's or father's side'
A new study has revealed that women at risk of breast cancer miss out on tests and early diagnosis because their father's family's health history is disregarded. ANI

Secrets behind what makes people attractive revealed
A study into why some people are more attractive than others has found that it may all be due to oxidative stress and Antioxidants. ANI

13-year-olds showing signs of middle-aged obesity
A study has revealed that blood vessels of obese children have stiffness normally seen in much older adults with cardiovascular disease. ANI

Game characters to become more realistic
Scientists have developed new software that will ensures that a game character's clothes ripple and ruffle realistically as the action unfolds. ANI

Why women outlive men
The reason for women outliving men has been put down to the possibility that the cells of male bodies are not genetically programmed to last as long as those of the females. ANI

New, one-way sound device could improve ultrasound techniques
Scientists at Nanjing University have created a one-way mirror for sound that only allows sound to pass one way - an invention that could help to improve ultrasound applications. ANI

New tabletop device that produces high energy X-rays at lower costs
Scientists have suggested a new tabletop instrument that would make producing tightly focused beams of high energy X-rays-cheaper and simpler. ANI

Why young children sexually abuse siblings, friends
A new study has suggested that kids who are born into families in which abuse, violence and neglect is common are more likely to indulge in sexually abusing other children. ANI

'Self adjusting glasses' to help a billion people by 2020
One doctor has taken it upon himself to help the poor in developing countries with his vision for vision: self-adjusting glasses. ANI

Women with blood group O at 'double the risk of fertility problems'
Scientists have said that women with the most common blood type could be twice as likely to suffer fertility problems. ANI

Tiny bees 'better than computers at solving complex math problems'
Who would have thought a bee could solve complex mathematical problems? But scientists at the School of Biological Sciences at Royal Holloway, University of London believe that they can even outsmart computers. ANI

Coming soon: Styrofoam made from cow's milk!
You could soon be drinking out of Styrofoam cups made of milk, for scientists at Case Western Reserve University have managed to create styrofoam packaging using a combination of clay and milk protein. ANI

Apple set to revolutionize TV?
When Apple TV was launched four years ago, it bombed - but this autumn, with YouView, the British internet TV box just round the corner - Apple has one more shot. ANI

Bitter tasting substances 'found to work better than drugs to treat asthma'
Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore have discovered that bitter tasting substances can relieve asthma better than drugs currently available. ANI

Kryptonite superglue speeds up recovery in heart patients post surgery
New research has shown that using a cutting-edge Kryptonite superglue can improve the recovery of heart patients recovering from open-chest surgery. ANI

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