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Technology News on October 24, 2010

Vaccines could make elephantiasis spread more easily
A new study has revealed that potential vaccines against elephantiasis might make the infection spread more easily through communities. ANI

New software adds realistic changes in animated characters' skin colour
Even the animated faces would now look more real, thanks to a new software that adds realistic changes in skin colouring to animated characters. ANI

Evidence of giant asteroid impact that occurred 300mn yrs ago in Australia
An Aussie scientist has discovered evidence of a major asteroid impact that occurred near the Queensland-South Australia border more than 300 million years ago. ANI

Using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube 'refreshes deskbound employees'
A new Melbourne University research has concluded that Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, as well as music and online video sites like YouTube, are the most productive ways employees can relax at work. ANI

Difficult-to-read fonts 'can boost learning'
Researchers at Princeton University suggest that difficult-to-read fonts make for better learning. ANI

Switching personality sometimes may be good for your mental health
Want to feel good about yourself? Try switching your personality, suggests a new study. ANI

Compound used to treat nicotine addiction may also fight alcoholism
A new study has demonstrated that a plant-derived compound that is used to treat nicotine addiction also has significant effects against alcohol addiction. ANI

Rats cope with the cold just like humans
When winter arrives, Australian bush rats behave much the same as their larger, human counterparts, according to a new study. ANI

Wolf nannies shorten male pups' sex lives: Study
A new study has revealed that non-breeding wolves that help raise pups ultimately shorten the sex lives of the male pups when they grow up. ANI

Putting holiday plans on Facebook, an open invitation to burglars
If you advertised your holiday plans on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter about your exact location and your home gets burgled while you were away-you may face a crackdown from the insurance agency. ANI

IVF breakthrough offers fresh hope to childless couples
With the launch of a new technique, scientists are set to revolutionise IVF treatment in Australia and offer fresh hope to childless couples. ANI

New discovery offers hope to sufferers of osteoarthritis
Lubricin, a synovial fluid glycoprotein, reduces wear to bone cartilage, a team of researchers in North Carolina has discovered. ANI

Better explosive detectors on the anvil
Christine Mahoney and a team of scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Maryland have been working on designing explosive detectors that can stop the threat of terrorist-based attacks in the form of explosives or explosive-based devices. ANI

'Near human' bots to 'perform surgeries, harvest crops'
The military's blue-sky research arm, Darpa, is working to launch a major push that'd revolutionize robotic capabilities and put bots pretty much everywhere, from hospitals to dude ranches to "explosive atmospheres." ANI

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