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Technology News on October 21, 2010

Tackling obesity in young people
The alarming health trend over the last few decades is that shocking childhood Obesity rates are on the rise and require urgent attention. ANI

Oestrogen therapy 'causes ovarian cancer to grow five times faster'
A new study has revealed that oestrogen therapy used by menopausal women causes a type of ovarian cancer to grow five times faster. ANI

OCD linked to common childhood illness
A new study at the Tel Aviv University suggests that strep throat - a common infection in children - can lead to brain dysfunction and OCD. ANI

Nightmares occur more frequently than thought
A mew Australian research states that nightmares are more common than though - as 16 percent of the people have dreams that make them wake in fright every week. ANI

Chinese scientist traces origin of Indus River to southwest China
A Chinese scientist has challenged the origin of the river Indus, claiming that it's origin located in a valley northeast of Kailash, the highest peak of the Gangdise Mountain, in the west region of Tibet, southwest of China. ANI

Coral reefs across Indian Ocean dying: Experts
International marine scientists have said that coral reefs across Indian Ocean are dying; the team has highlighted the urgency of controlling global carbon emissions. ANI

Scientists discover 'clock protein' that regulates circadian rhythms
A new research has demonstrated how the brain chemical dopamine regulates the rhythms of daily behaviour, which may have impact on activity and sleep patterns in Parkinson's disease. ANI

iPhone app 'Ugly Meter' can be hurtful to kids, say critics
An iPhone application "Ugly Meter" is being heavily criticized for it is too easy for users to harass their victims, especially when those victims are image-conscious teenagers. ANI

New study resolves years-long scientific debate
A new research has found a final link between electrons trapped in space and the glow of light from the upper atmosphere known as the diffuse aurora - the study will finally settle a debate that has been ongoing for years. ANI

Oral sex putting men at risk for throat cancer
HPV or the human papilloma virus has been associated with cervical cancer in women but a new study says that the virus may be contributing to an increasing number of cases of head and neck cancers in men in Europe. ANI

Depression linked to chronic brain inflammation
Researchers from University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have said that chronic depression originates from more ancient mechanisms used by the body to deal with physical injury, such as pain, tissue repair and convalescent behaviour. ANI

Coming soon: Stronger, more durable plastic consumer products
Long awaited advances in reducing the cost of certain catalysts - substances that kick-start chemical reactions - have led to production of super-strong forms of the world's most widely used plastics. ANI

Gulf-spill oil consumed by microbes far more than thought earlier
According to new research, the amount of oil consumed by microbes living at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico may be far more than previously thought. ANI

New mums 'grow bigger brains within months of birth'
New research from the National Institute of Mental Health suggests that the brains of new mothers bulked up in areas linked to motivation and behaviour, and that mothers who gushed the most about their babies showed the greatest growth in key parts of the mid-brain. ANI

All-electric spintronic semiconductor devices created
A team of physicists has come closer to making electron spin the universal language of computation - they are the first to develop a simple, all-electric method to both generate and detect spin currents within a standard semiconductor. ANI

Sparrows eavesdrop to distinguish good neighbours from bad
Scientists have found that sparrows can identify troublemakers by eavesdropping on them. ANI

Protein that may fight against inflammatory disease identified
A protein that may be a key therapy for many inflammatory diseases, including those affecting premature babies, has been identified by a husband and wife research team from Melbourne, Australia. ANI

Women 14pc more likely to survive trauma than men
A new Johns Hopkins study has suggested that women who have been severely injured are 14 percent more likely to survive than similarly injured men. ANI

Potential therapeutic target across a range of cancer types found
Researchers have found a common link among several malignant tumor types in all grades of cancer. ANI

World's smallest on-chip low-pass filter to revolutionize wireless communication
Scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have designed the world's smallest on-chip low-pass filter which is 1,000 times smaller than existing off-chip filters. ANI

Dopamine model could aid treatment of schizophrenia, drug addiction
Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have succeeded in creating a model of the way the brain releases dopamine - the model could be used to understand drug addiction and in the treatment of schizophrenia. ANI

Climate change may result in tipping point for populations, not just species
Researchers have indicated that as the Earth's climate gets warmer, species are expected to shift their geographical ranges away from the equator or to higher elevations. ANI

Why some people excel at riding bikes or tying a tie
A researcher has explained as to why some people may excel at riding a bike, tying a tie, or playing the piano, but the same people may find it difficult to explain or teach those skills to someone else. ANI

Gene therapy to brain may treat major depression
Researchers at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center have said that animal and human data suggest gene therapy to the brain may be able to treat patients with major depression who do not respond to traditional drug treatment. ANI

Asia 'most vulnerable to climate change'
A new study states that the teeming plains of Asia are at highest risk from climate change. ANI

Daughters of obese fathers 'more likely to develop diabetes-like disease'
A new study has revealed that obese fathers may be putting their daughters at risk for diabetes-like diseases. ANI

Penguins too 'have gay flings'
A new study has revealed that king penguins do not form long-term homosexual pairs despite same-sex "flirting". ANI

Black rice may relieve inflammation caused by allergies, asthma
Scientists have reported that black rice - a little-known variety of the grain - may help soothe the inflammation involved in allergies, asthma, and other diseases. ANI

Harm reduction ciggies 'more harmful than conventional brands'
A new research has revealed that 'harm reduction cigarettes', marketed by tobacco companies as safer than conventional brands, could in fact, be more harmful. ANI

Car-travel in longer run hikes global temperatures more than air travel
A new study has found that driving a car increases global temperatures in the long run more than making the same long-distance journey by air. ANI

Autistic people 'more likely to be taken in by magic tricks, illusions'
A new study has revealed that people with autism spectrum disorder are actually more likely to be taken in by the vanishing ball trick, where a magician pretends to throw a ball in the air but actually hides it in his hand. ANI

A hormone to help you live longer, but only if you are rich!
If a new study is to be believed, a hormone called DHEAS makes you live longer - but only if you are wealthy enough. ANI

In 20 yrs, 'human brain and memory backup might be stored on hard disk!'
A top scientist has claimed that in the next two decades, people will be able to back up the human brain including all of the memories. ANI

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