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Technology News on October 20, 2010

Strange 'hot spot' seen on distant exoplanet
In a new study by the NASA team operating the infrared Spitzer Space Telescope a warm spot has been seen in the atmosphere of a 'hot Jupiter' exoplanet. ANI

Even bees' memories fade with age
Scientists from Arizona State University and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences have examined how aging impacts the ability of honey bees to find their way home. ANI

Insulin sensitivity may explain obesity, memory problems link
New research by psychologists at The University of Texas at Austin suggests that because of impairments in their insulin sensitivity, obese individuals demonstrate different brain responses than their normal-weight peers while completing a challenging cognitive task. ANI

People are better at strategic reasoning than was thought: Study
A psychologist at the University of Georgia has revealed that people can engage in much higher levels of recursive reasoning than was previously thought. ANI

Now, feel your lover's heartbeat through a digital heart!
A Japanese mobile service provider has created a device, known as 'Taion Heart', that can transmit your partner's pulse through a phone app so that you can physically feel their heartbeat. ANI

Scientists urge one-way Martian colonization missions
Washington State University researchers have said that while technically feasible, a manned mission to Mars and back is unlikely to lift off anytime soon and so, a manned one-way mission to Mars would not only cut the costs by several fold, but also mark the beginning of long-term human colonization of the planet. ANI

Quantum mechanics allows 'cryptography over longer distances'
Physicists at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta are developing a new, more secure way to send such information across far distances, using existing cables and the laws of quantum mechanics. ANI

Kilogram to be redefined soon?
A kilogram is officially defined as the mass of a 122-year-old cylinder of platinum and iridium, kept at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Paris. However, the cylinder's mass seems to be changing as it ages, prompting several groups of scientists to seek a replacement. ANI

Activity of gene in the brain depends on genetic background
A new study has revealed that same genes have different activity patterns in the brain in individuals with different genetic backgrounds. ANI

Why batteries lose their ability to hold a charge as they age
Scientists have found that batteries lose their ability to hold a charge as they age because the finely structured nanomaterials present in the battery get coarsened in size. ANI

Batteries smaller than a grain of salt on the anvil
Batteries smaller than a grain of salt may soon become a reality, as scientists are trying to create some of the tiniest batteries on Earth. ANI

Drug marketing influences docs' prescribing habits: Study
A new study has revealed that under the influence of pharmaceutical promotion, doctors are likely to prescribe more expensively, less appropriately and more often. ANI

A new and simple sensor to sniff out shoe bombs
Scientists have developed a simple sensor to detect an explosive used in shoe bombs. ANI

Surgeon DaVinci meets anaesthetist McSleepy in first all-robo operation
In the world's first all-robotic operation, surgical robot DaVinci and anaesthesia robot, nicknamed McSleepy performed a surgery on a prostatectomy patient at the Montreal General Hospital. ANI

Our brain can 'see' an object just by 'listening to it'
Scientists at The Montreal Neurological Institute and McGill University have discovered that our brains have the ability to determine the shape of an object simply by processing specially-coded sounds, without any visual or tactile input. ANI

Drought may threaten much of globe in coming decades
A new research has revealed that United States, along with other heavily populated countries, face a growing threat of severe and prolonged drought in coming decades. ANI

Why some people feel tipsier than others just after a few drinks
Scientists have discovered a gene variant that is associated with a person's response to alcohol and may help protect one against alcoholism. ANI

New study brings cure for Parkinson's disease a step closer
Researchers have shed new light on Parkinson's disease, which could help with the development of cures or treatments in the future. ANI

Long-term air pollution exposure 'ups risk of severe COPD'
Researchers in Denmark say that long-term exposure to low-level air pollution may increase the risk of severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). ANI

Fetal alcohol exposure linked to a decrease in cognitive performance
A new research has shown that exposure to alcohol as a fetus causes difficulties in memory and information processing in children. ANI

Scenes of nature 'cut cancer patients' pain'
Experts has suggested that showing relaxing pictures of idyllic scenes and playing out relaxing sounds at a cancer patient's bed can reduce the feeling of pain. ANI

Now, hairbrush that reads your mind
Who says hairbrush can only be used to comb locks? Scientists have made a hairbrush like device that would be able to monitor mental activity. ANI

Google Street Viewers spot 'God' floating over lake in Swiss skies!
Google Street View has spotted a god-like figure floating midair above a lake in Quarten, Switzerland. ANI

Dogs reduce stress in autistic children: Study
Dogs-apart from being man's best friend-have a special role to play in the lives of children with special needs. ANI

How sex hormones influence right heart function
A new study has revealed human sex hormones influence the structure and function of the right ventricle (RV) of the heart. ANI

Even turtles and wasps need a little play time
Watching kids and dogs play is not an alien sight. However, what about a turtle or even a wasp? Well, it seems they play, too. ANI

Low testosterone 'may raise risk of early death'
A new research has linked low testosterone levels to a heightened risk of premature death from heart disease and all causes. ANI

Icebergs bombed by asteroids 600mn-yrs-ago 'created early life'
University of Adelaide researchers have found evidence of ancient icebergs mixed in with volcanic rocks, which were spewed out when an asteroid hit the Earth between 635-542 million years ago. ANI

'Neanderthals shopped at stone-age Tiffany's' theory debunked
In 1959 in the Grotte du Renne in central France, archaeologists found a wide range of ornaments and tools, indicating the existence of a stone-age Tiffany's, but a new study has disproved that theory. ANI

Laser surgery for long-sightedness to make specs history
Conventionally, laser surgery tackles shortsightedness, but doctors are now using laser treatment to restore 20/20 vision in those suffering from long-sightedness too. ANI

Elusive green comet Hartley 2 will be visible today
Hartley 2, the comet that was discovered in 1986 by Australian astronomer Malcolm Hartley, has been shrouded in mystery for a very long time, but today it will make its closest pass, offering prime viewing via binoculars and telescopes. ANI

New fluorescent light surface may kill MRSA
Scientists at the University of New Mexico are working on a new type of antimicrobial surface which, equipped with fluorescent lights, would be able to fight off prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection. ANI

It's official! Booze impairs decision-making
It is well known that alcohol alters behaviour, but surprisingly it is not well studied at the brain level. However, a new research shows that certain areas in the brain associated with error processing are significantly affected by the effects of alcohol. ANI

Anorexia nervosa 'causes potentially serious eye damage'
A new study has suggested that anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder, causes potentially serious eye damage. ANI

Internet users to surpass two billion by end of 2010
The number of Internet users will surpass two billion by the end of this year, approaching a third of the world population, according to United Nations statistics. ANI

The Pill can make a woman 'green-eyed monster'
The next time you see your woman acting overly jealous or possessive, you might want to take a peek into her medicine cabinet, for it might be the Pill to blame. ANI

Now, crunchy and spicy soy snacks to boost nutrition in Indian kids
Soy, although an inexpensive and complete vegetable protein, doesn't find too many takers because of its bland taste, but University of Illinois scientists have joined forces with an Indian foundation that can get the high-protein soy snack they've developed into the hands of 1.2 million hungry kids who need it. ANI

Neanderthal children were 'large, sturdy and toothy'
Remains of the youngest Neanderthal ever found suggest that those who made it to the 'terrible two's' were large, sturdy and toothy. ANI

Fish oil during pregnancy 'does not cut risk of post-natal depression'
There is no evidence to confirm that taking fish oil during pregnancy reduces the risk of post-natal depression, according to a new study from the University of Adelaide. ANI

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