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Updates from the world of Science and Technology, research findings and scientific reports for October 2, 2010
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Study to find whether leptin helps type 1 diabetic patients
To determine whether adding the hormone leptin to standard insulin therapy might help rein in the tumultuous blood-sugar levels of people with type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes, a clinical trial at UT Southwestern Medical Center is being carried out. ANI

Why deaf have 'super vision'
Researchers have found reasons for the enhanced abilities in the remaining senses of deaf people. ANI

Tsunami risk higher than expected in LA, other major cities
A new study has revealed that the risk of destructive tsunamis is in places such as Kingston, Istanbul, and Los Angeles. ANI

Updates from the world of Science and Technology, research findings and scientific reports for October 2, 2010

People with cancer history prone to memory impairment
A new large-scale research has proved that people who have had cancer are 40 percent more vulnerable to experience memory problems that interfere with daily functioning than those who didnt have the disease. ANI

How Jurassic predators evolved into mega meat-eaters
New findings have shed light on how adaptations for a mega meat-eating lifestyle extended to some full-time water dwellers as well as to certain land-based animals, like dinosaurs. ANI

Oz scientists make breast cancer breakthrough with protein discovery
Making a huge breakthrough in potential breast cancer treatment, Australias Brisbane-based researchers have found that the concentration of a protein that moves calcium into a specific area of the cell was higher in many breast cancers. ANI

How genetic changes make some brain cancers more aggressive
A study has provided new insight into genetic changes that make some forms of glioblastoma, the most common type of primary brain cancer, more aggressive than others and have explained why they may not respond to certain therapies. ANI

Way to turn off immune system's allergic reaction discovered
Scientists have found a way to turn off the immune systems allergic reaction to certain food proteins in mice- a discovery that could have implications for the millions of people who suffer severe reactions to foods, such as peanuts and milk, has been discovered by Johns Hopkins scientists. ANI

Key ingredient dilutes marijuana's effect on memory
Some particular forms of cannabis may contain an ingredient that helps to diminish the drugs negative effects on memory, a new study has suggested. ANI

Trigger that sets off pulsating Aurorae found
Scientists have discovered the elusive trigger that sets off the most striking visual outbursts, known as pulsating aurorae or blinking lights around Earths polar regions. ANI

Multipronged intervention effective in breast cancer survivors
A programme catering to holistic, mind-body intervention was found to be doing wonders in treating constant fatigue and improving quality of life in breast cancer survivors, regardless of their race. ANI

NASA's MIRI instrument gets first taste of space in test facilities
A new instrument set to fly aboard NASAs James Webb Space Telescope got its first taste of space in the test facilities at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in the United Kingdom. ANI

Increased use of Computer-aided detection in mammography
Computer-aided detection (CAD) is increasingly being used in both screening and diagnostic mammography, according to a study. ANI

How growth hormone can promote muscle growth
Growth hormone is not only used for childrens growth disorders, but is also being used by some sports men and women to promote muscle growth and regeneration. ANI

Our real-partners are poles apart from our ideal mates
You might have given a whole lot of thought about your ideal partner, but according to researchers, our image of the perfect mate is drastically different from our real-life partners. ANI

Siblings of autistic children 'have more frequent language delays'
A new study at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has revealed that siblings of autistic children have more frequent language delays. ANI

Low socioeconomic status linked to severe colorectal cancer
People living in economically deprived neighbourhoods were more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage, non-localized colorectal cancer, according to a new study at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. ANI

Grunting during tennis leads to 'slower response, more decision errors'
A researcher at University of Hawaii at Manoa has found that when players grunt with every tennis shot, it slows down their responses and causes them to make more decision errors. ANI

Lifestyle intervention program cuts risk of type 2 diabetes
Four-year results of the Look AHEAD study have shown that an intensive lifestyle intervention program designed to achieve and maintain weight loss improves diabetes control and cardiovascular disease risk factors in overweight and obese individuals with type 2 diabetes. ANI

Women can escape heart disease, if they are regular to dentist
Women, who pay regular visits to dentist, can curb their visits to cardiac surgeon, as a new study states that if a woman takes proper dental care, shes at reduced risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problem by at least one-third. ANI

Genetically altered trees could reduce global warming
A new study has revealed that forests of genetically altered flora could sequester several billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere each year and thus, could help reduce global warming. ANI

Gene variations that alter key enzyme linked to prostate cancer
A new study has found that variations in a gene for an enzyme involved in cell energy metabolism is likely to increase the risk for prostate cancer. ANI

New bacterial foe in cystic fibrosis identified
Measuring the health status of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients would now get easier as researchers have found that exacerbations in CF are linked to chronic infection with a bacterium called Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. ANI

Excess of protein used as anti-cancer drug triggers Parkinson's disease
A new study has found that over-activation of a single protein may shut down the brain-protecting effects of a molecule and increases the likeliness of the most common form of Parkinsons disease. ANI

Saturated fat not as bad as previously thought
If you think saturated fat is responsible for cardiovascular disease (CVD), you need a reality check-new evidence has shown that saturated fat intake has a very limited impact on CVD risk. ANI

Adult stem cells that do not age created
University at Buffalo researchers have engineered adult stem cells that do not age, which means that scientists can grow them continuously in culture. ANI

Why we like the hues we do
Why do you end up buying almost every shirt in blue? Or why does the iPod in silver look better to you than other colours? Scientists say that how we feel about a colour depends on our relationship with that particular shade. ANI

Chances of life on newly discovered Earth-like planet '100pc'
A team of astronomers has discovered a new planet that could have water on its surface, and therefore could support life. ANI

Scarless brain surgery safe and effective option for treating patients
Surgeons have suggested that transorbital neuroendoscopic surgery (TONES) is a safe and effective option for treating a variety of advanced brain diseases and traumatic injuries. ANI

'Move it or lose it' ultimatum for species conservation
Experts have said that climate change is forcing a move it or lose it approach to species conservation. ANI

Photoscreening 'could detect lazy eye in children'
A new study is examining the use of photoscreening to detect amblyopia, or lazy eye in children aged 6 months to 6 years. ANI

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