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Technology News on November 7, 2010

Specialization helps 'build trust among Web users'
An international team of researchers has revealed that web users are likely to use products, which are labelled to do specialized tasks rather than the general ones. ANI

Statue of King Tut's grandfather unearthed
Archaeologists have discovered a statue of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, believed to be the grandfather of King Tutankhamun, together with a falcon-headed sun god in Egypt's Luxor. ANI

Earth-like planets 'may not be life-friendly'
A new study has revealed that planets like the Earth that we thought could support life, might not be life-friendly, and lack a protective magnetic field. ANI

King Tut suffered 'massive chest injury that could have killed him'
A new research has claimed that Tutankhamun, Egypt's famous "boy-king", suffered a "massive crushing tearing injury to his chest" that likely would have killed him. ANI

'I can see me' webcams to improve reading fluency in students
An out the box thought by a researcher made him use webcams for the purpose of improving fluency in children. ANI

House of Gladiators in Pompeii collapses
A house in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii has collapsed. ANI

Oysters could disappear in next 100 years due to 'acidic oceans'
Oysters and mussels could disappear over the next century because the oceans are becoming increasingly acidic. ANI

'Miracle' eye implant 'to lighten blind people's lives'
Thousands of blind people may now get their sight back-thanks to a 'miracle' eye implant developed by British surgeons. ANI

How laughter can make some snooze 100 times a day!
Laughter may be the best medicine, but for some, it's nothing less than a disorder - a sleep disorder called narcolepsy can send a person into an instant slumber without warning if you laugh. ANI

Oldest known stone axe discovered in Northern Territory
A piece of stone axe, discovered in the Northern Territory, is believed to be the oldest of its type in the world. ANI

Largest clinical trial confirms new drug for worldwide malaria treatment
The largest clinical trial ever conducted has concluded that the drug artesunate should now be the preferred treatment for the disease in both children and adults everywhere in the world. ANI

Cheryl Cole and David Beckham have the 'most perfect faces'
David Beckham and Cheryl Cole have been voted as having the 'most perfect faces' in a poll. ANI

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