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Technology News on November 4, 2010

Electrical stimulation produces pain-reducing effects in humans
A study has found that a simple, non-invasive technique providing low-level electrical stimulation of the brain produces significant pain-reducing effects in humans. ANI

Facebook hopes to dominate the mobile world
Social networking site Facebook has worked out a strategy by which it can become a dominant force in the mobile world, by making the mobile phone a more social experience and offering shopping discounts. ANI

Very short gamma-ray bursts linked to evaporation of primordial black holes
Scientists have found evidence that very short gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) may be associated with the evaporation of primordial black holes, as originally proposed by cosmologist Stephen Hawking. ANI

Gamma-ray bursts powered by strongest magnetic fields in universe
Astronomers in the UK have seen the signature of a magnetar in 11 gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) observed by the Swift satellite. ANI

Volcanic eruptions affect Asian rainfall
A new research has revealed that volcanic eruptions affect rainfall over the Asian monsoon region, where seasonal storms water crops for nearly half of earth's population. ANI

Adolescent stress 'linked to mood disorders in adulthood'
A series of studies have found that there may be a link between recent rise of depression rates and the increase of daily stress. ANI

Epileptic mums' teens display poor school performance: Study
Multiple antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) used by pregnant women to control seizures may cause poor school performance in their teenagers, a large population-based study has revealed. ANI

Single shot of morphine has long lasting effects on testosterone levels
A new study found that a single injection of morphine to fight persistent pain in male rats is able to strongly reduce the hormone testosterone in the brain and plasma. ANI

Process by which Alzheimer's creeps through the brain identified
Scientists have offered new information about the events that underlie the 'spread' of Alzheimer's disease throughout the brain. ANI

Why it took early humans almost 2mn yrs to develop hand-held stone axe
A new study suggests that Stone Age humans were only able to develop relatively advanced tools after their brains evolved a greater capacity for complex thought. ANI

Sweet discovery offers protection against killer viruses
A new research suggests that a purified form of a product modified from simple sugar molecules can eradicate killer viruses by mobilizing white blood cells. ANI

Use Neem to treat chicken pox the natural way
A Chinese physician and a university microbiologist has suggested that a commonly grown herb known as neem (Azadirachta indica) can help in the recovery from chicken pox. ANI

Transparent conductive material paves way for power-generating windows
Scientists have fabricated transparent thin films capable of absorbing light and generating electric charge over a relatively large area. ANI

Now, 'shield' yourself from harmful mobile radiation
Mobile radiation and its effects on the human body is a huge problem. But a new product is about to solve that. ANI

Did Earth encounter pieces of an alien visitor yesterday?
Last night, Earth apparently encountered pieces of an alien visitor, according to scientists. ANI

High levels of coumarin in cassia cinnamon linked to liver damage
Scientists are reporting that a 'huge' variation exists in the amounts of coumarin in bark samples of cassia cinnamon from trees growing in Indonesia. ANI

Water flowing through ice sheets speeds up warming
A new study has suggested that water flowing through ice sheets via crevasses, fractures and large drains called moulins can carry warmth into ice sheet interiors, greatly accelerating the thermal response of an ice sheet to climate change. ANI

New study sheds light on cognitive recovery after brain damage
A new study has shed light on mechanisms that underlie recovery after damage to a region of the brain important for memory and attention. ANI

Boa constrictor has 'virgin birth'
Scientists have discovered that female boa constrictors can produce offspring without mating - a rare phenomenon among vertebrates. ANI

Italy carries out world's first robotically-assisted pancreatic transplant
Doctors from Pisa Hospital have conducted the world's first robotically-assisted pancreatic transplant on a woman in Italy. ANI

Babies born by caesarean 'are calmer'
A Chinese research has revealed that babies born by caesarean are calmer and more peaceful as compared to babies born normally. ANI

Plants engineered to produce new drugs
By genetically engineering plants to produce unnatural variants of their usual products, MIT chemists have discovered a new way to expand plants' pharmaceutical repertoire. ANI

Specific changes in the brain linked to sleep deprivation
Scientists have published the most systematic study to date of the effects of sleep deprivation on gene expression in the brain. ANI

Meditation training improves cellular health of the body
Scientists have revealed that positive psychological changes that occur during meditation training are associated with greater activity of telomerase, an enzyme important for the long-term health of cells in the body. ANI

Video-game technology may accelerate new drugs' development
A new technology used in video games may help in speeding the development of new products and potentially life-saving drugs. ANI

Wearing multifocal contact lenses may reduce vision for driving at night
Older adults who wear multifocal contact lenses to correct problems with near vision, a very common condition that increases with age, may have greater difficulty driving at night than their counterparts who wear glasses, says a new study. ANI

New compounds may effectively treat both alcohol, cigarette addictions
Alcohol and nicotine dependence can be treated simultaneously with the help of two new compounds, says a research. ANI

Scientists identify target for stroke therapy drugs
Californian scientists have identified a potential new target to reduce stroke damage in patients. ANI

46pc of international travelers not aware of potential health risks
Half of those travelling internationally not aware of potential health risks, says a new study. ANI

Language influences our implicit preferences: Study
A study has suggested that the language we speak may influence not only our thoughts, but our implicit preferences as well. ANI

World's first 3D printed fully functioning hybrid car
Two firms in the US have collaborated to develop a car built entirely by a 3D printer. ANI

Stressed plants and animals 'keys to better stock market predictions'
A new study has revealed that stock markets react to crisis in a similar way to plants and the human body. ANI

Autism study reveals how genetic changes rewire the brain
Scientists have demystified how genetic variants rewire the brain and it could help in finding therapies for rebalancing the brain's circuitry in early development. ANI

Updated 'catastrophe calculator' estimates asteroid impacts
Wondering what would happen if a 10km-wide asteroid came out of the sky and slammed down on your city? Well, now you can find the answer, thanks to the updated version of the impact effects calculator. ANI

New material brings Harry Potter style 'invisibility cloak' a step closer
Scottish researchers have made a practical breakthrough that brings the possibility of an invisibility cardigan - or any other item of invisibility clothing - one step closer. ANI

Pompeii's mystery horse is actually a donkey
The strange breed of 'horse' that was discovered in 2004, at Pompeii, was actually a donkey, Cambridge University researchers have found. ANI

Combining radiation therapy, chemo safely treats head and neck cancers
A new research has shown that stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), a radiation therapy procedure pioneered at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) that precisely delivers a large dose of radiation to tumors, may effectively control and treat head and neck cancers when combined with the chemotherapy Cetuximab, according to researchers from UPCI. ANI

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